So, when is it going to be BET’s turn to host a GOP debate? What, aren’t “we” good enough? Hey I’m only asking because they’re saying that “GOP is the new Black: with the emergence of Herman Cain. No but seriously, I’d watch a GOP debate on BET; shit, I think just watching them pander to a room full of “brainwashed” Black folks would be hilarious. And I can guarantee you, that it would be the only time the boos of the crowd would be welcomed. Not welcomed by the GOP of course. Shoot, they’ll just chalk that up to Negro racism like they always do.

Speaking of Negroes, and liberal racism — I just watched Herman Cain’s Super PAC’s new commercial. As you know, due to said liberal racism, Cain isn’t actually having the best week ever. Well, actually he is, because he has raised more money in just a few days than ever in his campaign. Yep, see how that playing the race card thing works? Uh-huh, ever since Cain received what my man Paul Mooney calls. “the nigger wake up call, white folks in the Republican party have been donating to his campaign hand over foot. Cain’s campaign has raised $1.6 million this week.

Ironically, the National Restaurant Association has just acknowledged its settlement made with Cain’s sexual harassment accuser. All of this while Cain has since shifted blame for the leak of these allegations to Rick Perry. Well, last time I checked, Perry wasn’t a liberal; and, in spite of the name of his ranch — “Niggerhead” — I’m not sure if he’s racist. But don’t tell that to the folks behind Cain’s latest ad. When you need the money, it’s always a good idea to play the race card. Just ask “brainwashed” Democrats like Rev. Al Sharpton, and Rev. Jesse Jackson – according to Republicans, they do it all the time. Like Herman Cain or not, it’s really nice to see the Koch Brothers’ Brother From Another Mother remember his color.

Sorry Herman, if you’re getting heat for sexual harassment, blame yourself

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