You may have your eyes firmly planted on such fascinating things as the #OccupyWallStreet heros or the #TeaParty clowns where you may have missed the unfolding drama called Operation “Fast and Furious”.

Operation Fast and Furious was a tactical plan launched by the Feds that allowed the export of guns into Mexico. These “special guns” were embedded with “tracking technology”; the agents hoped these guns would make their way through the Mexican cartel pipeline.

Then, as these special “GPS” guns were sitting at the foot of many in a room full of crazy, Mexican warlords, the United States Feds would bust in and say ‘Gotcha’.

The idea is like a low jack for a car or even like a parental monitoring app for a pre-teen’s cell phone. It all sounds easy enough.

Unfortunately, these “special guns with tracking technology” suddenly went missing from the US’s specifically designed radar. The guns didn’t turn back up again until a dozen dead people later, one of which, was an ATF agent.

The House Judiciary Committee began holding Eric Holder’s feet over the fire since the beginning of the year about his knowledge of this operation.

He says he didn’t know anything about the sting operation until recently; a memo sent to him as of November of 2010 says differently. A additional memo says that not only did he know; the White House knew too.

Whose lying?

All I can tell you is that people in important positions often don’t pay attention to job responsibilities and he may have very well wiped his ass with that memo.

Or he could have read it and high fived his secretary over the sheer ‘smart factor’ of doing something as James Bond-ish as giving the enemy “special guns with tracking technology”.

The sad part is not whether the White House ‘knew’ about this covert operation. Of course, they knew, if not the White House then who do you think is in charge of operating the operations!?

The sad part is that our country thought they really had some type of master plan going by doing some slow/dumb bullshit like giving the Mexican mafia a Trojan Horse ass ‘tracking embedded’ set of firearms.

I can just picture the looks of the faces of the people who were put in charge of disarming the tracking on the guns. They had all kinds of good jokes about the U.S.

I wonder if the US at least made some money off the deal or did we also ‘entice’ the enemy by offering a recession buster deal of buy one get some free?

Please, stop your country; I need to get off.

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