Not to belabor a point, but as I’ve recently stated: unlike having to show an ID to utilize the privilege of boarding an airplane in our current post-nine eleven society, casting a ballot is a fundamental right protected by the US Constitution; and, any attempts to abridge said right to vote, is anti-democratic, and should be taken seriously. How seriously? As seriously as we would any threat of invasion or assault by any foreign military force; in other words, as serious as the threat of some rogue theocracy launching a nuclear upon citizens of the US within our borders.

You might not agree with me, but it is in fact that serious. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not only sincerely misinformed, but either they’re willfully ignorant, unpatriotic, or maybe a Republican (?).

“We want to make sure that our elections are free from fraud. But they is no proof that our elections are marred by in person voter fraud.” -- U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder

Having said that, it’s good to know that we live in a nation that provides checks and balances to protect our rights, or a country where a vigilant citizenry is encouraged. Because as we all know, in this country we hold each other to the truth that all men are created equal. Yes, even with our problems, this is what we should all aspire to achieve and hold each other accountable to. Having said that, listen to the words of US Attorney General Eric Holder in an interview with NBC’s Pete Williams, on the subject of voter suppression, and more specifically, the issue of voter ID laws.

As the Attorney General says in the following interview, “What were talking here is a constitutional right. This is not a privilege. The right to vote is something that fundamental to who we are as Americans. We have people who have given their lives, people have sacrificed a great deal in order for people to have the right to vote. It’s what distinguishes the United States from most other countries.” But maybe none of this means anything to you; if so, I guess it can be said that you’re not as patriotic as some of us.

But then again, Eric Holder being a black man like our president makes him unintelligent. Which means you’re racist, and quite naturally would explain why you disagree with the Department of Justice’s recent decision to  block Texas’ attempt to disenfranchise Latino voters.

  • WeAllNeedTheSameRules

    I seriously ask, can you tell me WHY Blacks and Latinos are feared to be impacted by this law and not Asians, Whites, Indians or any other race?   Of course I warn you I am aware of Acorn like organizations and illegal aliens.   How specifically does a country that requires poor people to have ID to cash government checks, check out a library book, buy a bottle of ripple, perform any bank transaction, drive, just about anything now justify that only Blacks and Latinos might not be able to vote or be impacted. HOW?   Voting is the most important thing protecting our republic we should do everything we can to ensure it’s integrity.   If all men are created equal and they are, then why is it not important to simply show who you are to protect the sanctity of elections for everyone?  Will police be required to let black and latino drivers go now if they are stopped for speeding and say they are on their way to vote so do not have any ID?  

  • PollWatchComingtoaTownNearYou

     any attempts to abridge said right to vote, is anti-democratic, and should be taken seriously. How seriously? As seriously as we would any threat of invasion or assault by any foreign military force; in other words, as serious as the threat of some rogue theocracy launching a nuclear upon citizens of the US within our borders.

    I agree, as should any attempt at fraud or intimidation be taken extremely seriously.  Any group attempting to illegally influence an election should be arrested for treason, especially if they are providing the means for non citizens/illegal aliens and special interest groups to vote illegally.

  • Anonymous

    Could it be like stated in the title of the post, that voting is a “Constitutional Right” and all the other things you listed are privileges.

    I might buy this argument if anyone of these people pushing them could point to any wide spread cases of voter fraud. But remember back in the President Bush days of US Attorney scandal, you know when US Attorneys were fired for not looking into voter fraud when none could be found?? Even when the DOJ looked into it during the Bush Administration days, they were not able to find any wide spread voter fraud.

    So my question is, why go to all these lengths when one cannot point to any problem that exists?? Wouldn’t that be similar to going to a doctor with no symptoms of any problems and the doctor ordering a very invasive procedure, when it is not needed at all. But we know why this is being done, there are people out there who do not want more people to vote, and they do not want minorities, young people, and poor people to vote. That is why they only make certain ID’s acceptable, closing down and moving places where people can get these ID’s and doing all that is possible to  male these things harder. These people have looked into this fully, they know what they are doing, and they know with their demographics getting smaller and smaller they must do all they can to tip elections in their favor.

    I will leave you with Paul Weyrich a conservative to which the Republicans are heading his call.
    Paul Weyrich – “I don’t want everybody to vote”

  • Could it be because the Black & Latino vote represents the largest minority voting block in the country? And maybe, just maybe it has something to do with African Americans having to fight for the right to vote (?). I don’t remember, and I could be wrong, but I don’t remember White folks ever having to worry about being able to vote. One doesn’t have to be a member of a minority group to understand this. But, it’s understandable how easy it is to take things forgranted.

    As for ACORN-like organizations and “illegal aliens”…

    Didn’t you get the memo? There is little or no evidence to support the idea that they have presented themselves as a problem. All that other stuff you mentioned? Let’s just say that it’s pure foolishness.

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  • Thanks for sharing those links!

  • WeAllNeedTheSameRules

    Yes African Americans and Latinos are the largest minority, so what.  We don’t create laws for impact to only one group. Laws are to be equal for all. Again, why are Blacks and Latinos the ONLY ones who are against basic ID methods that will safeguard our electoral process.  Why are Blacks and Latinos the only groups who have difficulty obtaining an ID that I know and you know they surely have but with ID laws can only use once to vote?  Why?   What you are saying about minorities has nothing to do with ID. Nothing at all. Id’s are required for nearly every function in this society and despite a lot of history and rhetoric that you bring up, your points have absolutely nothing to do with law, you still have avoided the point.  HOW exactly would those who have the right to vote under our constitution (citizens) be impacted? How? 

    What is different about Blacks and Latinos that they cannot obtain a simple governnment funded ID and would be unable to vote? How many poor blacks and latinos don’t have an ID and how do they live without an ID?  Why does no other race no matter how minor a player they are in this country have a problem with simply showing who you are , voting once and protecting our electorate from fraud. Why do Blacks and Latinos need the freedom not to show ID at the voting booth? Why?

    As for Illegal Aliens voting and voter fraud. You need to get out a lot more. There have been more convictions, more cases in the last four years then ever in this country. But you are raising nothing but smokescreens. Yes I know Blacks had a hell of a time getting the right to vote. Surely you don’t think that means that they get to vote early and often now do you?

    As for the rest of your reply. Your foolishness is extremely lowbrow. When someone like you has no valid point, he calls things stupid or starts racebaiting. Yes, that’s you.

  • WeAllNeedTheSameRules

    Well Our supreme court ruled voter ID was necessary and constitutional for very good reasons.  Eric Holders claim of saying there is no problem so we don’t need protection is a lie.    Just in texas alone there are about 19,000 voters registered at vacant lots, in single family homes with 15-20 people registered at the same address. Fraud and convictions all over the country the past year.   In any case, I don’t mind showing an ID. I have nothing to hide. I am  a citizen and don’t plan on voting more then once. Being a citizen who drives, has a bank account, flys, buys liqour, cig’s etc etc I have a photo ID.   So who specifically does not have an ID and why can they not get one. I volunteer to drive the 1 or 2 people in every state. Remember Felons and illegal aliens cannot vote.

  • WeAllNeedTheSameRules

    I know it fits your agenda. But do you really, really , really believe this nonsense? Google voter fraud and convictions see what you get.  Voter fraud is not a myth, why else would you be against ID’s , it only takes a second and it makes sure your vote counts. Because it’s time everyone plays by the same rules.

    You should go to your doctor for a checkup and dont wait until he diagnoses you with cancer, you will die then as it’s too late.

  • Why was there need for a Constitutional amendment to make black people citizens? Further, why was there even a need for the Civil Rights Act? Which incidentally benefitted more white women than black folks. Didn’t you learn this somewhere around the fifth grade, or did you miss that day?

  • Anonymous

     Guess what?? I Google voter fraud and here was the first result I got.

    Republican Lawyers Group’s Own Study Undercuts Vote Fraud Claims

    As I stated before, and so did the link I provided stated. The Bush Administration found little to no voter fraud what so ever. Here is the first paragraph of the story

    “Five years after the Bush administration began a crackdown on voter
    fraud, the Justice Department has turned up virtually no evidence of any
    organized effort to skew federal elections, according to court records
    and interviews. ”

    I repeat, found no evidence of any organized effort to skew elections. So I ask, where is this problem of voter fraud that needs to be addressed with the remedy of ID laws?? My analogy of going to the doctor involves not having needless procedures done when they are not needed. If you could point to any factual evidence of voter fraud then I might buy the agenda you are on. But no one has yet to show that there is any hint of that.

    I also find it funny that when you look for those being convicted of voter fraud, my Google search turned up tons of Republicans being found guilty of voter fraud.

    Republican Indiana Secretary Of State Convicted Of Voter Fraud

    8 Kentucky Republicans Convicted Of Extortion, Vote Buying & Selling, Tampering With Voting Machines

  • Brendan

    The supreme court would disagree with Mr. Holder. “In its 2000 ruling, Alexander v Mineta,
    the [U.S. Supreme] Court … affirmed the district court’s
    interpretation that our Constitution ‘does not protect the right of all
    citizens to vote, but rather the right of all qualified citizens to
    vote.’ And it’s state legislatures that wield the power to decide who is
    a result, voting is not a right, but a privilege granted or withheld at
    the discretion of local and state governments…. the U.S. is one of
    just 11 nations among 120 or so constitutional democracies that fail to
    guarantee a right to vote in their constitutions.”

  • TLMM

    If voting is, as Holder said in this interview, “….
    constitutional right. This is not a privilege. The right to vote is something that fundamental to who we are as Americans” then it would seem reasonable, that we require people to show proof that they indeed have this right. If they are not LEGAL citizens, then they do not share in this constitutional right, as the US Constitution only applies to the United States of America and her citizens.

  • ch555x

    Very good points w/ back-up!

  • Mumbles

    voting is not a constitutional right. there are amendments that allow different groups to vote but universal voting is not a right. the qualifications are left up to states but if those qualifications disagree with what is in the constitution then the federal government steps in. thats what happened in texas. now requiring an ID to vote does not prevent people from voting who are protected under the constitution and amendments. those people can go get an ID. if this law said “you can’t vote because you’re black” then that would be unconstitutional because african americans are protected in the constitution. no laws were broken here

  • Thewholeconstitution

    If eric holder says i don’t need an Id to vote because it is a right. Does that mean I no longer need an ID to buy a gun?

  • Nice try, but there are no federal laws that requires a national ID for voting. Besides, voting and the regulation associated with voting is a state’s issue.

  • Bryce Shupe

    But there should be. Why would we want to allow non citizens a vote for who governs us?

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