So apparently ethnic studies classes serve no other purpose other than promoting racial resentment. Yep, who knew? I remember taking one of those classes back in college, but I never realized that my doing so was responsible for my occasional “kill whitey” outbursts in public. Here I thought that much of my rage had something to do with the fact that racism, or the promotion of white supremacy in America is well documented. Heck, up until now, I had no idea that it was due to a dashiki-wearing college professor’s desire to distort the truth — or what I thought was the truth — in an attempt to get me to hate white folks. Yeah, thanks a lot Indiana University. Thankfully, however, I’m now able to begin the process of reprogramming thanks to the good folks over at FOX News. More specifically, I’d like to thank Megryn Kelly for yesterday’s conversation with Breitbart’s editor-at-large, Ben Shapiro. Lord know that if it weren’t for their discussion, I would’ve been on the verge of going Django on folks.

Here’s the old debate:

This from The Raw Story:

Breitbart News editor-at-large Ben Shapiro on Wednesday dismissed the importance of ethnic studies by insisting that only purposes of the courses were “to meet girls” and “get an easy A.”

Fox News host Megyn Kelly noted on Wednesday that a U.S. Circuit Court judge recently hadupheld an Arizona law that banned ethnic studies in Tucson because Republican lawmakers said that the classes promoted racial resentment.

Shapiro argued that the judge had made the right decision because ethnic studies courses — like the Mexican American Studies Program that was banned in Tucson — had a “myopic focus on the idea that America is a racist place against certain ethnicities and minorities.”

ben-shapiro-ethnic-studies-promotes-racial-resentment“The second point here is just the giant waste of taxpayer dollars that this constitutes,” he added. “Look, I took Jewish studies courses when I was at UCLA. There are only two reason that you take a Jewish studies course. The first is to meet girls, and the second is to get an easy A.”

“And that’s why most students are taking ethnic studies courses, unless they’re buying into this radical ideology that really is the basis of all ethic studies courses throughout America.”

[…] University of Pennsylvania Sociology Professor Camille Charles, however, said that she was offended at the charge that the only purpose of ethnic studies courses was to stir up anti-American resentment.

“There was a time in our history that parts of what is now the United States were actually Mexico, that people of African descent, of Latin American descent, of Native American descent were exploited and oppressed at a point in our history, I think those are all factually accurate,” she explained.

If I didn’t know any better, I would assume that the U.S. Circuit Court judge in this case pretty much attempted to whitewash history (yes, pun intended). Like the misguided Professor Camille Charles, I would be offended; and, like her and all the un-enligthened Negroes in America, I’d be ready to toss and pull a few race cards. Instead, however, I’m now ready to advance the cause of post-racialness and correct this most egregious miscarriage of justice and slander pf the name of good white folks like Shapiro and Kelly, all in the name of promoting disinformation.

Watch the video:

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