My man Rev. Al Sharpton made my day today. I’ve said what I’ve had to say about the immigration debate, and these new Voter ID laws on this site; and please believe I have more to say. But for now, just listen to what the good reverend had to say on the steps of the Alabama state capitol in Montgomery.

I’ve had many a people tell me that obtaining an ID to vote should be no big deal. Hell, I’ve been told that identification is required to board a plane, so it shouldn’t be a big deal having to produce one to cast a ballot. Well, last time I checked, unlike flying in an airplane, voting is a right and not a privilege; yes, there’s a big difference.

Besides, I don’t recall terrorists ever taking innocent and unsuspecting voters hostage at voting precincts. Sorry, there is no terrorist voter watch list. But just in case you’re worried about a terrorist standing in the voting booth beside you, do listen to my main man, Rev. Al Sharpton:

  • Reggie

    Ten short years ago if you had asked me what I thought of Al Sharpton, I’d have told you that I thought that he was a fucking idiot.

    Over the last three or four years, I’ve gained a ton of respect for him.  He makes more sense than most of the talking heads on television.  He doesn’t back down and he says what he thinks, not what he thinks people want to hear…..and I respect him for that.

    By the way, on those same steps that Al Sharpton is speaking from, 25 short years ago I watched and listened (as a student at Alabama State University which is a few short miles from there) to David Dukes in all his white robes and glory speaking as a Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan.  The next time I saw David Duke, a few years later, he was my state representative in Louisiana.  Gotta love this country.

  • HymieTownClown

    Tawana Brawley dont wants her dead uncles to need no ID.

    Don’t you think it’s pretty pathetic that you and Sharpton claim you can’t get an ID because you Black? You aren’t that incompetent are you?  Why would anyone in this day and age demand they not have to ID themselves to vote?  Why?  What makes Black folk so incompetent and weak that even the slightest thing is too difficult and racist.?  Are you truly this incapable?

  • Deborra

    I love you Reverend.  You are a great inspiration to minorities and african americans. 

  • The funny thing is that unlike you, it has only been in the last year that I’ve lost some respect for the brother. I still think he is very necessary and does a great job as an agitator. However, I think as politically he could have more of an impact on policy.

  • When did Al Sharpton ever claim that we can’t get any ID to vote because we’re Black? 

  • Reggie

    He lost me years ago.  He and Jesse Jackson always seemed like they were out for self and not interested in the concerned  of the African American community.  I thought Al looked and sounded like a fool…….he still needs to cut that hair, the 70s are over.

  • RippDemFarts

    If you ever get stopped for speeding or asked for ID when buying a bottle of booze or asked for ID when cashing a check, just tell them you are on your way to vote and you are a minority and don’t need no stinkin ID and in your land of short term vision this fits what you want to accomplish today and may very well be turned against you tomorrow.

  • Hey, dumbass: when did buying liquor become a RIGHT like the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to vote?