As a professional racism chaser and super blogger, it’s always nice to run into stories like the following. You know, the type of story that couldn’t come at a better time as it relates to our current political discourse? Given our current gun control debate, and all the talk of keeping firearms out of the hands of the wrong people. Nothing makes the case for gun control advocates like the very little reported story out of Cleveland, Ohio. As luck would have it, a 47-year-old White Supremacist once convicted of manslaughter for the shooting death of a Latino male was arrested on illegal gun possession charges, while being investigated on suspicion of a separate crime.

This from NBC:

Federal agents are trying to determine how a suspected Ohio white supremacist with a felony conviction for manslaughter acquired a cache of 18 assault weapons and other firearms, along with high-capacity magazines and more than 40,000 rounds of ammunition, according to federal law enforcement officials and court documents reviewed by NBC News.

The storehouse of weapons was discovered late last  month when FBI agents arrested Richard Schmidt,  47, the owner of a Bowling Green sporting goods store called Spindletop Sports Zone,  on charges of  marketing counterfeit goods — such as football jerseys with NFL logos — from China.

Richard-Schmidt-White-Supremacist-ArrestedAlthough initially portrayed as a probe into the thriving international market for counterfeit clothing, the case took a surprising turn this week when the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Cleveland unsealed search warrants and an indictment also charging Schmidt with illegal possession of firearms.

According to the documents, FBI agents who searched Schmidt’s sporting goods store and four trailers behind it, found a  stash of weapons that included AR-15 assault rifles, Ruger and Sig Sauer semi-automatic pistols,  bulletproof  body armor and high-capacity magazines as well as ammunition.

The agents also discovered evidence of Schmidt’s ties to the neo-Nazi movement, documents show. Among the evidence seized, according to search warrants, was a video of a national convention of the neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement; bumper stickers of the National Alliance party, another neo-Nazi group; a “Jewish 500” list — a supposed roster of Jewish-owned businesses — and paraphernalia from the “Waffen SS,” Adolph Hitler’s Nazi military force in Germany from the early 1930s through World War II, according to the search warrants.

A federal law enforcement official, who spoke with NBC News on condition of anonymity, said that FBI counterterrorism agents involved in the  case  had picked up evidence that Schmidt  may have been planning attacks against Jewish and civil rights groups in the Detroit area. “This is an active investigation,” said another federal law enforcement official when asked if Schmidt was believed to have been working with any others in the neo-Nazi movement.

Now it has yet to be determined just how this gentleman was able to acquire these weapons. For all we know they could’ve been purchased online, at a gun show, or maybe even on the black market. That said, isn’t it good to know that a universal background check being in place would have eliminated at least two of the aforementioned possible ways of making a purchase? It’s still scary to think of what this gentleman may have been able to accomplish with his assembled arsenal. That said, one can only wonder if there are others like him out there.

In the indictment unsealed this week, Schmidt was charged with three counts of illegal possession of firearms, ammunition and body armor and one count of trafficking in counterfeit goods.

Schmidt’s lawyer, federal public defender Andy Hart, did not respond to a request for comment.

The law enforcement officials said the case appears to illustrate some of the gaps in current  background checks for gun purchasers that President Barack Obama has proposed closing as part of his package of executive actions and legislative proposals released this week aimed at curbing gun violence. Schmidt was charged with murder and felonious assault in 1989 after killing a Hispanic man  and shooting two others with a semi-automatic pistol during a traffic dispute. He later pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and was sentenced to 10 to 25 years in prison. Federal officials were not immediately able to provide information on when he was released from prison.

Oh well, it’s good to know that this guy was taken off the streets. Lord forbid if another deranged individual gets the idea to open fire on a religious temple filled with worshiping people of color; or attempt to set a neighborhood on fire and murder a few first responders; or even worse, open fire on children and teachers at a random school. But, I guess the second amendment is sacrosanct, right?

  • Reggie

    See……this is why I’m scared of white folks now. Those Arabs might only take two or three of us with them on their way to see Allah. But them white folks…..they’ll want to rack up a serious score.

    Why aren’t we profiling those white folks?!?

  • OlderWoman

    how about the chicago blacks who murder each other with illegal guns? how about black serial killers? then there’s 71 white people murdered in California by Black Panthers. you blacks are only 13% of the total population yet you commit 85% of crime and 65% of violent crime….more than the other races combined. blacks have no conscience. black on white murder has escalated. and btw, you create the stereotype of violent blacks.
    There’s a good reason Whites need their guns. To protect us from violent blacks.

  • isme

    A quibble, but an AR-15 is not a “assault rifle”, as it does not have a selective fire capability. It is probably (but not definitely) an “assault weapon”, depending on fairly cosmetic features. As a general rule, you don’t want white supremacists running round with semi-automatic rifles of any kind, though, let alone an entire 18.

  • how about the american whites who sell guns to blacks in the first place. i don’t know any black or hispanic owned gun manufacturers. and i highly doubt rashad and juan of the local bloods and crips union 501 hold distribution jobs with glock or smith & wesson nor could you get an AR15 or AK47 down at the local swap meet. so give us all a break. talk to your mother and father about why blacks have illegal guns in the first place.

  • Katherine McChesney

    And just who are the american Whites who sell guns to blacks? Give me official information. Wouldn’t it be racist to refuse honorable black the guns they need to protect themselves from their own people. Black have illegal guns from breaking in and robbing whites and blacks of their private property.

  • Not according to those Whites during slave-era America who were afraid of an uprising. And, definitely not according to those Whites during the Civil Rights movement when the Black Panthers and the Nation of Islam promoted self protection. We don’t need guns to protect ourselves from our people. We need them to protect ourselves from Whites. It was true centuries ago. It was true decades ago. It’s true today. The sad part of your comment is that you have absolutely no intention of admitting that White people are just as much of a problem to American society as anyone else. I guess it’s ok for Whites to attack innocent Blacks on a daily basis because they wear badges. But, of course, you ignore that because it simply makes you feel better about what you see in the mirror.

  • JoyfulA

    Around here, sporting goods stores sell, along with T-shirts and basketballs, guns. How would he, with his record, get to own a sporting goods store and all those guns?
    And he sure got away easy on that “manslaughter.”

  • SoUnCool

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  • Katherine McChesney
  • Katherine McChesney

    Black Serial Killers

    The kkk didn’t kill thousands. That’s just black propaganda to be used playing the fake race card.