What really happened to Darian Towns?

This is the recent story of a black woman that “accidentally” drowned at a pool party in Memphis, Tennessee. She was recently engaged and getting herself ready for her impending marriage. She went to party on the Fourth of July with some friends. Suddenly, she drowned and eventually died. This seems like a story of bad things happening to good people, right?

So, what really happened to Darian Towns?

But that is where things become murky. For one, someone stole her car and it was found all the way in MississippiSouthaven, Mississippi to be exact. Also, there is the issue of her being an avid athlete. Darian Towns was a great track and field athlete in high school that swam every day. She was working hard to make sure she fit into her wedding dress. Thus, there are factors that aren’t adding up.

So, did Darian Town suffer from foul play?

I am beginning to wonder what contributed to all of this. How deep was this pool? Was she that intoxicated where she drowned? Why did it take so long for someone to notice that she was at the bottom of the pool? And why would someone try to steal her car from a neighborhood that seemed to actually be upper class? Be reminded: Barlett has a median household income of close to $67,000. And it is also mostly white.

Will there ever be answers about Darian Towns?

Is there ever going to be a necessary explanation? I am hoping that the toxology reports and forensics turn up something that makes sense. After that, I still wonder why someone would steal her car? Too much of this case is extremely confusing and contradictory. There are no conclusions to jump to; this case seems way too off putting with very little making sense.

Until then, keep asking about Darian Towns. Something must add up in this situation of confusing arithmetic.

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