New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg recently defended the NYPD’s racist stop-and-frisk policy. Making the case for the justification for the violation of the civil rights and constitutional rights of black and brown folks, Bloomberg said that the cops are stopping too many white New Yorkers.

I don’t want to go back into all the reasons why this policy is troubling because I’ve done so many times on this site before now. Instead, I’ll just share a video produced by the folks over at that brings the issue home for at least one young black male from Flatbush, Brooklyn. As you can see in the following video, stop-and-frisk policy creates a breakdown in community trust, and this is not good.

Listen to Bloomberg below:

Check this out:

stop-and-frisk_high-school-seniorKasiem Walters, a high school senior in Flatbush, Brooklyn, speaks about the countless stop-and-frisk experiences he and his friends have had over the years. From waiting outside a friend’s house on the walk to school, to giving high-fives and being mistaken for selling drugs, Kasiem dreams of a time when he and his community can look around and feel like citizens of New York, not criminals.

Watch the vieo below:

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