So, err — where was the internet when I as getting my ass beaten by my parents with extension cords, frying pans, and tree trunks? No seriously, y’all. I’ve been hearing all the talk about about a Texas judge who was caught on tape giving his 16-year-old daughter an ass-whoopin’. Television media is running the story, and currently showing excerpts from the now viral video, and labeling it as “disturbing.” Now, according to the story, Judge William Adams can be seen disciplining his daughter with a leather belt, smacking her about twenty times. The video has sparked outrage from online viewers, and has received at least two million views on YouTube. According to an interview with the mother and father I just saw on MSNBC, she was being punished for illegally downloading music on her computer after being told not too. As “disturbing” as it may look, I don’t see the big deal. Take a few minutes (8 minutes total) to check out the “disturbing” video:

So of course you may think downloading music online without paying for it isn’t a big deal – hell, everyone does it. But, err, her father is a judge (?); and, illegally downloading music is actually a crime. It is as much a crime as say, I dunno… selling crack? OK maybe not as big a deal as slingin’ rocks, but a crime all the same that will be magnified if committed by the daughter of a judge, no? Yeah, can you imagine being in his position and having to deal with the embarrassment of something like this? Of course you can’t; hell, you probably have problems with your kid right now. Even so,  you’re probably of the opinion upon seeing some of the dumb shit done by the children of other people. that they’re in need of an ass-whoopin’. That’s right: you’re a hypocrite. I mean, let’s forget the fact that the kid committed a crime. How about the fact that she did what she did after being told not to? Sure I know kids are known to do that. But, what are we as parents supposed to do? Are we supposed to ignore a simple act of disobedience, or treat it as an infraction warranting a time out? You know, that whole, “go to your room,” thing? Umm, does that really work?

I don’t know about you, but I never had the luxury of being put on time out, or being grounded. Nope, my parents didn’t believe in that television sitcom styled punishment. And, from talking to my friends, their parents didn’t subscribe to that either. We all got beatings, and we remembered them. More important than remembering those ass-whoopins, is remembering what we did to deserve them. Or, remembering not to do the same thing more than once. Personally, I’m grateful for my beatings. Without them, I can say that my life may have been different. It’s quite possible that I would have never realized the severity of consequences for my actions. Hell, even to this day at 41-years-old, I think twice about shit because of those beatings. Sure I’m a grown-ass-man; but even so, I’m always fearful of catching a Momma RiPPa beatdown for making bad choices.

Obviously, things are different today. Today as a parent, you not only have to be concerned about about your kids snitching on you to po-po. You also have to worry about them setting up cameras, or being greeted by Chris Hanson on “To Catch A Child Abuser”. We now have to worry if our kids, like Hillary Adams, will strike back an enact their vengeance by uploading an ass-whoopin’ to YouTube, seven years after the fact. It’s hardly not likely, but I think it’s a damn shame that I will be forced to beat my kids in the bathroom in my own house; hopefully, this is still the only room I am afforded privacy, and that is off-limits to cameras. I know, it’s pretty sad when you have to think like a criminal and not a judge when it comes to beating your kids. Now that I think of it, maybe me being put in time out as a kid would have been better. Yeah, dodging the belt buckle sucked.

I’m sorry, but if William Adams wasn’t a judge, and his daughter did upload the same video to YouTube, nobody would care. Also, a part of me believes that if William Adams was just a regular guy who worked at Dairy Queen, this video would not have been uploaded. But I guess with him being a judge, everybody is of the opinion that he’s above disciplining his daughter in this fashion. Oh how funny it is that we’re a civilized society.

It’s just too bad there were no caneras and the internet during slavery

  • Blackgirlinmaine

    You say the shit I think…honestly in my family, we got out tails tore us just like the good ole judge gave her. Seriously, I watched it and was flash backing to my childhood. That said, the way he talked to her was not cool but last I checked corporal punishment was not illegal at least where he lives.

    Like you, I wanna know why I had no computer and You Tube in the 70’s…would have saved many an asskicking.

  • Prosepetals

    Hmmm. I remember gettin whooped. I remember, too, finding better ways of not getting caught.

  • True! LOL

  • DasIchChick

    Key component missing from this story: the girl has cerebral palsy. Not sure if that affects your opinion, or if it should, but I do think it’s noteworthy. I also facepalm everytime I hear black people trot out “well MY ass got whupped, and *I* turned out ok/was a better person for it/etc.”

    1) Just because something was normalized in your neighborhood/family/childhood and is generally considered negative now, doesn’t mean it wasn’t negative then. There is a fine line between corporal punishment and abuse, and I think far too often in black communities that line is crossed and we don’t condemn it because it either happened to us or we consider abuse acceptable. And those two reasons aren’t mutually exclusive. Do I think all spanking is abuse? Of course not. But as a young black woman who was physically abused by her parents, I see that my parents’ attitudes towards use of physical punishment was almost exclusively influenced by their own parents’ extreme use of it and their own personal anger issues and mental health problems. And so on and so forth up through the family tree. And in case anyone asks… no, I will not give specific examples of how I was physically abused. Definitely wasn’t just being spanked, and I’ll leave it at that.

    2) What works for one person in a beneficial manner may not work as well, or even to the detriment of another person. I automatically reject any arguments of “well *I* turned out okay” in support of corporal punishment for this reason.

    3) From a perspective of simply looking at corporal punishment as a reasonable, effective tool in behavior modification – how does beating a child actually teach them anything but to not do that one specific action? Even the comments by you, Rippa, you state that you learned not to do that action again – because you didn’t want another beating. Did you actually understand why what you did was wrong? Did you understand it in a way that could be applied to similar situations?

    If the boys who videotaped “Amber Cole” were whooped, would that translate into life lessons about treating females with respect? Would they understand that black girls are vulnerable, are told that our bodies are the only things we have of value and the only things that anyone will love us for? Would that nurture in them a desire to protect us instead of degrade and humiliate us? Would they actually start seeing us as fully-fledged equal human beings, worthy of love?

    Or would it just make them more sneaky about videotaping underaged girls blowing them?

  • Prosepetals

    *grins & wiggles eyebrows* My kids don’t stand a chance – and they don’t need their asses beat – just ask my 19-yr old …LOL 😉

  • Prosepetals

    Not being facetious (really), but let me know when the kids’ “pucker mark” makes sense.

  • Her CP as she said herself in the above interview is a very rare form. Given her explanation, it’s not the typical CP as we would expect – it’s not severe.

  • Rogeracox

    You’re an idiot

  • Prosepetals

    Expand your opinion, please.

  • Anonymous

    I got worse. No big deal. A little old to be getting it like that but it’s not my call.

  • You noted the difference between abuse anmd a spanking. You also noted that you were physically abused by your parents. I happen to think corporal punishment is subjective. That said, why do you consider yourself to be a victim of physical abuse?

  • My mother’s motto was: better me or the police!

  • Prosepetals

    My parents’ motto was – “I brought you into this world; I can take you back out.”

    Does it make it better? Does it justify beating?I love both of my parents…dearly…but I’ve never let them off the hook. And now, with my kids, they tell me I’m “too strict” – and my kids have never gotten meted the beatings I did as a kid. I look at them like they’re insane.

  • If I had been caught stealing – (and she was stealing) my Daddy would have taken a belt and whupped my ass too.  

    People complain because kids are out of control, show no respect for property or people.  Then they complain when a parent employs discipline so they won’t be out of control and disrespectful. 

    Personally, I think it all started going downhill back in the 1960s when Dr. Spock convinced people you should not spank your kids.  

    Yes, this man was a little excessive. But he was obviously at the end of his rope with his daughter.  Cerebral Palsy does not give her a pass on being disobedient and stealing.  She knew right from wrong. It is obvious her parents had been having problems with her before this and the latest incident of stealing was the last straw. 

    And why did she wait 7 years?  If she were being abused routinely why did she wait until she was grown and Daddy decided she should support herself to release the video?  

  • Speaking as somebody who ain’t get his ass whooped much growin’ up, I think you should do what works for each child. Some kids you can talk to, some kids all you gotta do is yell and give em’ that “Look” and some you just gotta whoop the hell outta them for em’ to get the point. In my house, the only time out that was given to ANYone that was a kid was time out to catch your breath afterwards. Shit, I’d say the some HALF these lil Hoodlums need a good smack across the ass with a belt (one in the mouth too, with the way they talk to their parents) and it’ll straighten them out…or at least try not to get caught next time. LOL. But what do I know? I’m a 25 year old who’s childless…but still, I ain’t afraid to say “That kid needs his/her ass whooped” and don’t give a fuck who likes it or not.

  • DasIchChick

    What do you mean “why do I CONSIDER myself a victim of physical abuse?” Do you ask someone why they “consider” themselves a victim of rape? There is a definition to words. I fit that definition. I said it wasn’t “just spanking,” but that I wasn’t going to provide gory details because it’s not anyone’s business. And that’s what I meant. What my parents did to me is physical abuse. Period. End of story. Not up for subjective interpretation. I would appreciate it if you didn’t try to make it something that is because to do that would be extremely disrespectful to a victim of abuse. Thanks.

  • DasIchChick

     Additionally, you – nor anyone else – has bothered to try to address my points. What does corporal punishment actually TEACH? Besides “don’t do that act or you’ll get beat?” How effective can that mentality really be? We (at least, most of us) don’t live with our parents forever. So if you’ve grown up being disciplined and taught right from wrong simply based on “if I do this, I’ll get beat,” what the hell happens when there’s no one around to beat you?

  • Prosepetals

    The difference, simply, rests in intent. Nothing more. 

    The proverbial road of good intentions leads to a road we, as parent, all know. Corporal punishment, as a mode of discipline, teaches (if meted properly) a “brand of ideal” based in fear. That said, in and of itself, it’s not “wrong” — it’s just one way. One way I don’t personally subscribe to, for a myriad of reasons…but one way.

  • My question is simple: why do you consider it physical abuse and beyond corporal punishment. You said you know the difference. So, my question simply asks: what happened or what was done to you?

  • DasIchChick

    Are you really that dense? I understand your “simple” question. And for the third and final time, it is none of your business and I will not tell you. I am not obligated to go into explicit detail about my most traumatic painful memories to total strangers, and the fact that you keep asking despite my repeated refusals shows 1) how little respect you have for victims of abuse, and 2) what a huge asshole you are. Also shows a lack of basic reading comprehension, because I said it wasn’t “just” spanking. Do you know what that means? It means IN ADDITION TO SPANKING, I could have had a number of things done to me. I could have been repeatedly burned with lighters, I could have been cut with razors, I could have been forced to sleep outside naked in freezing weather. There are a MYRIAD of things that constitute abuse that have NOTHING to do with hitting someone either with your hands or other objects. 

  • DasIchChick

    It’s also disturbing how you’re more interested in fapping to the lucid details of my abuse – I’m sorry, giving your official “stamp of Rippa approval that my abuse was indeed abuse” (like I give a good goddamn) than actually engaging with me in any of the valid points I’ve raised.

  • Prosepetals

    I hate that typing from a phone contributes to unclear statements.


  • Yall are killing me!!! I will say that I ‘whup ass’ when need, which thankfully wasn’t often..or problems reached way past that point. I will also say I totally understand the father’s frustration and since this was years ago wasn’t this during the time the music publishing industry was hauling little old ladies out of their houses in handcuffs behind little Timmy’s ill gotten Back Street Boys single? Maybe the judge was worried he’d be part of some big stank ass investigation. 
    Her having cerebral palsy is not an excuse if she had a video camera, a computer, a video captured and the wherewithal to maneuver all of this. The allegations of being beaten seven years after the fact is a long haul considering she is now independent. Funny how her mother is right by her side….during a divorce. Not saying they weren’t victims of abuse, but I’m just saying….

    Beating for the sake of beating turns humans into animals; the opportunity to learn to develop a moral compass is lost and instead people learn to adapt to the bigger better get over. IMO…

  • DasIchChick

    I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.

  • DasIchChick

    This still doesn’t make any sense to me as a method of behavior modification. Like I said, we don’t all live with our parents forever. So when you raise a child with corporal punishment, and then they live their lives alone in the real world… what guidelines for right and wrong do they have?

    I think depending on corporal punishment as your primary tool for behavior modification is lazy parenting and not as effective as other methods. It’s easy to hit someone and instill fear in them of doing that one action. That doesn’t really equip them with the moral guidance to behave correctly when they’re out of your house, or even out of your sight. AKA it doesn’t help nurture a person’s moral compass, which is ESSENTIAL for a person to make the right choices when they are grown. It takes much more patience and parental involvement to actually talk to your children about right vs. wrong. And hell, maybe a spanking in conjunction with an explanation/talk could be the most effective tool. But I’m disturbed by this attitude of “the more severe the beating, the more effective the punishment”. As if someone had been spanked with a belt rather than getting a vicious beating somehow just wouldn’t have learned the lesson just the same. At a certain point, it is not about correcting the child. It is about a disturbed parent assaulting a child with no additional efficacy. If a couple of swift pats on the behind would teach the child the same lesson as, I don’t know, whipping them with something sharper for several minutes, wouldn’t you agree that the additional severity is gratuitous and almost sadistic if it simply wasn’t necessary to achieve the goal? Now, Rippa has (incorrectly) assumed that this was the line that was crossed with me, and I’ll allow him to continue to act like a parrot and ask me questions that are completely irrelevant. But you actually seem like a reasonable person to engage with, so I am curious since you seem to see this as a “way” if you also think it’s effective for the overall goals of parenting (raising a well-adjusted adult).

  • Thefreyfam

    Take away the computer.  End of story.

  • Dorian Mode

    Your mom was smart, because it ain’t no time outs in prison. 

  • Prosepetals

    I agree that corporal punishment should not be a primary mode of discipline. What I mean by “one way” as opposed to “the way” – without going into too much detail, is that I grew up in a household that it was *the* way. My parents hit routinely, with the “spare the rod” as their ideal. I do not share that idea – and although I have spanked my older kids, the occurrences were so rare as to be nonexistent. I would much rather have a conversation with them than lash out at them. What I learned as a kid was that to avoid getting hit, I just had to be sneakier about what I did when I was doing something that my parents perceived to be wrong…whether it was wrong or not is, of course, a matter of independent judgment. That said, I turned out mostly okay. I don’t hate my parents (far from it), and they (especially my dad) don’t agree with my style of parenting…and that’s okay. They don’t have to agree since they’re not responsible for my children. That’s all I mean by one way. Some parents do take the track of hitting for every infraction committed by their kids. I agree with you on the lazy call – I don’t think that hitting is an effective method as a first course of action. I think, too, that hitting *immediately* is nothing short of a loss of personal control. 

  • Prosepetals

    Sorry…I was making a joke, and it fell flat.

  • Anonymous

    That was my Dad’s belief as well. He actually sat me down and told me exactly of the nature of the police and why and how it was imperative to avoid them and the justice system at all costs. Now I might have disagreed with some of his (ahem) “methods” but all in all I think he did a pretty good job.

    I didn’t get whupped after 14-15 or so b/c as he said if I hadn’t figured things out by then he wasn’t going to waste his time any more.

  • Why mention something that you’re not willing to discuss in a public forum? If that being my line of thinking makes me dense, well… I guess I’ll assume that your parents used tree trunks to beat you like mine did. But like I said, this is all subjective. My tree trunk beatings were not physical abuse. But of course this might be the asshole in me coming out. :-/

  • Just be sure to check their bedrooms for cameras.

  • Can you think of all the siilly stuff we see/hear in the news done by grown folks where you know their asses obviously didn’t get enough beatings. LOL

  • Prosepetals


    I doubt any one of us, as parents, would want our worst parenting mistakes uploaded to YouTube…and a thought occurred to me after watching the video that I haven’t spoken to til now. On the one hand, the memory was emotionally evocative for me because of my childhood discipline experience. On the other hand, a passing sidebar thought floated through my head that, no matter what the woman’s motivations for airing the video, she has given lots of kids an idea. I don’t know if I think that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I guess time’ll tell.

  • Right on! Yeah, there’s more to this story than the media or anyone knows. I think she posted the video to shame him all because her mother is having issues with him… legal issues.

  • Prosepetals

    *edit – “…the *video* was emotionally evocative…”

  • That option was on the table, yes. However, what if she needs the PC for school and homework projects like most kids do today? From the above clip, it sounds like the father was hesitent about getting her a computer anyway. Maybe the fact that he went against his initial gut feeling about her having one added to his frustration when she did what she was told not to do. I don’t know, but I’m not sure if that would have been as productive.

  • I feel you, the one size fits all approach to ass-whoopins might not be a good approach.

  • Good point! Cerebal Palsey didn’t stop gher from installing a hidden camera!

  • … and this is indeed a copycat society.

  • Prosepetals

    Actually, from what is known, the parents have been divorced for more than 4 years, and the judge is continuing to harass the mom, and the daughter, which is the “reasoning” for airing the video…supposedly of course.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah. I didn’t get a LOT of whuppings but open disrespect or lying-guaranteed to get one. It amazes me that many people are seeing this as abuse.

    I think the girl was a little old to have one but it’s not my family. I didn’t see anything that was abusive. As far as the anger shown by the parents, GENERALLY speaking parents aren’t in good moods when they are administering discipline.

    There is a sizable pct of people who believe that any physical correction is tantamount to child abuse. I disagree but it’s not even worth discussing after a while since people on opposite sides of the debate inevitably end up insulting each other’s parents.. =)

  • DasIchChick

    It was ONE PART of a comment that contained SEVERAL OTHER THOUGHTS. It has been the ONLY THING that you have bothered to focus on when it was NOT RELEVANT to the MULTIPLE OTHER POINTS THAT I RAISED. You can assume that my parents beat me with anything. I don’t know why the HELL it is so fucking important for you know have this ONE irrelevant piece of information. And I’ve already practically stated that the physical abuse I am talking about was NOT related to being BEATEN. How. dense. are. you.

    It’s not the asshole coming out in you, Rippa. That’s been come out by your repeated focus on getting a victim of abuse to share traumatic memories with a stranger whose sole purpose for getting her to share that information is NOT to display empathy. You’re not asking me to give you this information so that you can do good with it. Your specific focus is so that you can judge whether or not they actually abused me, like 1) that has ANYTHING to do with my points, and 2) like you are the end-all, be-all to what is “actually abuse.” You are now exhibit fucking A in how being beaten does not instill someone with a moral compass. Something tells me that apparently no one ever told you that your above actions are not the actions of someone who is a decent human being. Maybe had your parents talked to you more about how to treat others kindly instead of beating you, you’d be a better person for it.


  • I’m glad you said this.  The girl did something wrong, so she is getting disciplined.  THEN what makes it even shadier, is she releases the video on her dad 7 years AFTER the incident?  There are so many comments I can make, but the daughter gets no love or sympathy from me.

  • That’s the point that most are missing: she did something wrong. Instead, this is being treated as though her father acted without reason. And given the fact that he did act with good reason. I still say that I don’t think he went overboard as some suggest.