I don’t see too many of “us” in the black blogosphere writing about the Kaitlyn Hunt story, and I think it’s unfortunate. Why? Because with a few exceptions, in many ways it mirrors the Genarlow Wilson case. What’s ironic, is that I don’t see advocates for victims of rape, like famed word-hustler and blogger, Gina McCauley of What About Our Daughters raising hell. My guess is that there’s no money to be made in this one; yes, this daughter doesn’t matter, in spite of petitions being circulated, and Facebook Fan Pages dedicated to the purpose of justice for Kaitlyn Hunt.

Yet, the usual voices who advocate for the victims of rape within the black blogosphere, are eerily silent. Which if you read one of our recent posts, this might be a good thing considering the motives of some within the black blogosphere. Even so, we can’t complain about a lack of coverage and attention to “our” daughters when we ignore the daughters of “certain people” when they fight for justice — to do so is hypocritical.

So who is Kaitlyn Hunt?

She’s a teenager facing felony charges for having sexual relations with another female four years her junior. Yes, she is a lesbian; and yes, as you can see in the picture above, Kaitlyn Hunt is white. But should any of that matter when it comes to her case? I’ll let you answer that question after reading the following story below, which details her case. Still, I question the silence of some, and I wonder whether Kaitlyn Hunt’s sexuality — the fact that she’s a lesbian — has anything to do with said silence. Could it be the fact that the accused in this case doesn’t have a penis, make her less of a “child predator,” or “rapist,” as Gina McCauley described Genarlow Wilson in one of her many assaults?

This from ABC News:

A Florida high school senior was expelled from school and is facing felony charges for a sexual relationship she allegedly had with a fellow girls’ basketball teammate who is three years younger.

Kaitlyn Hunt, a cheerleader and basketball player at Sebastian River High School, is facing two counts of felony lewd and lascivious conduct on a child ages 12 to 14 for her alleged relationship with a freshman classmate.

She has denied the charges, which were filed earlier this year in Indian River County.

The girls were 18 and 14 when they became sexually involved, according to an arrest affidavit by the county Sheriff’s Department. The girls basketball coach at the high school found out about the relationship, told the younger girl’s mother, who also works as a coach, and kicked Hunt off the team, according to Hunt’s family.

The younger girl’s parents then contacted police, according to the Hunt family.

The police set up a phone sting operation in which the 14-year-old called Hunt and asked her details about their relationship, according to the affidavit. Police then arrested Hunt in February, based on the details the girls discussed on the phone, according to the document. She was charged and spent 24 hours in jail before posting bond.

[…] Hunt’s family says the 14-year-old student’s parents are angry that their daughter was in a same-sex relationship, and decided to go to police, according to Andrew Gay, Hunt’s uncle and the family spokesman.

“Our understanding form the other family is the reason they initially pursued this case is because they’re unhappy with their daughter being a same sex relationship,” he said. “It would appear to be the case if Kate were a male this wouldn’t be happening.”

The freshman’s parents also twice asked a judge to provide a court order banning Hunt from attending Sebastian River, but the petition was denied, Gay said. The school board then expelled Hunt from the school, and she has been attending an alternative high school, he added.

The Indian River School District declined to comment on the case except to say that it followed the district’s student code of conduct in dealing with the situation.

The case has sparked outrage in the Indian River community and online, where petitions and a “Free Kate” Facebook page have gained more than 20,000 followers, which has fueled the recent interest.

“Our family’s perspective on this is that Kaitlyn made a poor choice, but this is something that could have been dealt with between families,” Gay said. “But they refused to talk. They’ve been very aggressive. I understand feeling like you need to protect your child, but I don’t understand ruining another child’s life.”

He said the 14-year-old has told police she was in the relationship voluntarily, but the girl’s parents are pursuing the action. The younger student’s identity has not been released by police or the Hunt family.

Gay said the family understands that the significant age difference between the girls led to the legal problems, but said it points to a wider, national problem of seniors in high school facing jail time for becoming involved with freshmen.

“Just because you turn eighteen doesn’t mean you’re the wisest person on earth,” he said. “This happens all the time with males. It’s a national tragedy that seniors in high school are going to jail for dating freshmen. If they shouldn’t be intermingling with one another, then they shouldn’t be in the same school.”

Hunt has pleaded not guilty to the charges, but has been offered a plea deal by the prosecutor’s office that she must decide whether to accept by Friday, according to Gay.

The prosecutor’s office offered Hunt the chance to avoid jail time if she pleads guilty to felony child abuse, he said.

“She’s hanging in there, but it’s been rough,” Gay said. “She’s spent three years doing medical training in high school and had plans to start college and a nursing program.

“A felony convict can’t become a nurse, so that would ruin her plan for her entire life.”

Watch the video below:

Kaitlyn Hunt
Kaitlyn Hunt

Now I’ll be honest, I have a 14-year-old-niece who will be a high school freshman this fall. And I’d be lying if I said that it would anger me if she were to have a sexual relationship with a high school senior. Forget the sexual relationship; hell, I would be pissed if I ever found out that she was even dating a senior. And since I’m being honest, I might as well let it be known that the sex of the senior in question wouldn’t matter. Yes, I would be equally as upset whether the relationship was heterosexual or not. Why? Because at her age I think dating someone four years her senior is inappropriate That said, if I were the parent of a 14-year-old girl, I doubt I would be calling the cops like the parents in the story above.

I can’t say whether they did what they did because they refused to accept that their daughter may be a lesbian as is alleged. But nonetheless, given that the law is the law, they do have every right to pursue charges against Kaitlyn Hunt in spite of what some may think about them. But the real issue here — as it was in the Genarlow Wilson case — is whether the punishment fits the crime. Like the Genarlow Wilson case, I think it’s outrageous to prosecute and charge Kaitlyn Hunt with a felony, and having her imprisoned for life with the label of being a sex offender. But hey, that;s just me and my thoughts on the situation. I would love to hear where you stand on this one, so don’t be afraid to share in the comment section below. At the end of the day, a “Romeo and Juliet” provision should be used to make Kaitlyn Hunt’s crime no more than a misdemeanor, in my opinion.

  • It is somewhat similar to Wilson’s but the relevant difference to me is that this woman, was just that a woman. 18 and 14 is a little too much difference to me. She’s an adult who is either is or should be transitioning out of high school while someone who’s 14 just got there. High school can be tricky because it’s all the same social milieu. I wouldn’t necessarily say she should be sent away for decades but an 18 yr old should know better. My feelings can be summed up this way:

  • Thing is, the accused in this case was 17 and the victim was two months away from turning 15 when they engaged in sex. The parents of the victim waited until the accused turned 18 to press charges. Apparently they also had sex after the accused turned 18. But the point is that they were no longer an item when charges were filed and the accused was arrested. The issue here is the punishment this kid faces for what is deemed a crime per the statute in Florida.

  • Moe Szyslak

    Actually according to the affidavit, Hunt turned 18 in August 2012 and
    the sex happened after Christmas 2012 according to Hunt herself. And in any case no one under 16 can consent to sex in Florida.

  • My understanding was that they may have sexual relations ob more than one occasion – when Hunt was 17 and also 18; but I could be wrong.

  • gn

    I love love love black people because we don’t believe the hype and don’t jump on bandwagons just because something’s “popular.” This piece is completely off. Some terrible exceptions aside, the advocacy for Genarlow Wilson was confined to asking for mercy because of his very young age and the relatively lesser maturity difference (2 years) in that case.

    By contrast, the focus of #FreeKate has gone beyond pleas for leniency and into the notion that there’s something wrong with making it illegal for adults to access 14 year old girls for sex, and there’s something evil about parents who want to keep their 14 year old (!) from being “explored” and groomed for sex by someone outside of her age and maturity level.

    #FreeKate activists have smeared and some have harassed a set of parents for calling the cops on the 18 year old seeking sexual intercourse (not just petting or puppy love as has been claimed) with their child—slandered these people throughout the national and international media, as well as lied about several key details of the case (such as claiming that Kaitlyn and her victim were “both minors” at the onset of the sexual contact, which is a total fabrication). At the end of the day, they played right into stereotypes about child molestation and sounded like a brochure for NAMBLA. To the point where I’m trying to figure out exactly what black people are getting out of the current political coalition. That’s how serious this incident is to me. So please don’t try to draw us in and use black advocacy for Genarlow Wilson as a crutch for what happened with this #FreeKate movement and the terrible message that it tried to spread.

  • Brad

    The younger student’s identity has not been released by police or the Hunt family.

    That’s not true and should be corrected. Steven Hunt did on Facebook May17th release the 14yr old victim’s name and on May18th, Kaitlyn’s mother released the parents names. We can disagree about leniency and punishments, etc., but none of should disagree about whether or not we should be releasing the identities of rape victims and their families.

    Also it’s pretty near impossible to become a nurse with misdemeanor assaults on your record.

  • Jamie

    They didn’t have any sexual contact until AFTER the school year had started, when Hunt was already 18 and the victim was 14. All sexual contact was illegal. This page has all the info: http://supporthonesty.net/

  • Jamie

    They didn’t have any sexual contact until AFTER the school year had started, when Hunt was already 18 and the victim was 14. All sexual contact was illegal. This page has all the info: http://supporthonesty.net/

  • Jamie

    You really should fact check instead of just parroting the lies of the Hunts and their camp.

  • Jamie

    You really should fact check instead of just parroting the lies of the Hunts and their camp.