I’m not sure if I totally agree with Bob Costas on last night’s now “controversial” halftime commentary on the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher’s murder-suicide. However, I would say that he has a point when speaking to the culture of violence fostered by gun ownership or gun possession. Unfortunately, there are many who disagree, and I see this as part of the problem. So much so that there’s no cry for gun control when the principal parties involved in any violent crime like Jovan Belcher and Kassandra Perkins are people of color.

Yes, guns don’t kill; and yes, it is people with guns who kill. However, the truth is, gun ownership or possession in some cases are in fact not used as a tool of last resort when it comes to conflict resolution. Like I said in a recent post: Gun violence is as American as hot dogs and apple pie.

Surely a few people will agree:

Now if you say he’s wrong about that, then you’re missing his larger point. But then again, I suspect that somewhere out there there’s someone who will defend the right to own guns even in the wake of yet another domestic violence murder-suicide; or maybe even when another black kid gets shot to death over loud music. But hey, maybe gun control is only a valid concern when white people kill white people, yes? I’m not attempting to be controversial, but how is that for some perspective?

  • Yeah, God forbid he tell the truth.

    …and you’re right, gun violence is as American as pig lips and assholes and apple pie.

  • Guest

    Right…the race of the people is the only thing that motivates people to improve gun control. I guess we’ll just ignore the mass shootings that took place with assault weapons that still had people speaking up that they had a right to own guns, where the victims were predominantly white.

    The article would be fine if it didn’t take the stupid slant.

  • Stupid slant? OK, so, can you point out those mass shootings where assault weapons were used? I shouldn’t be hard to do since there are so many, right? Oh, and the shooting in the Sikh temple doesn’t count. Why? Because they were PEOPLE OF COLOR targeted by a racist self-avowed white supremacist. So yeah, about that stupid race slant again?