“I think what motivates people is not great hate, but great love for other people.” – Huey P. Newton

As I mentioned recently, the New Black Panther Party are a ridiculous ragtag bunch who has nothing substantive to offer the black community or society at large. So why am I talking about them if they’re insignificant? I am because somehow someway, “certain people” in the media and society at large will decide to use or see their ignorance  (that’s if they haven’t already) as a reflection of the feelings of the black community. Somewhere out there I’m sure there are a few village idiots who have watched Sean Hannity’s program who have come to the conclusion that the black community is interested in, “Killing Whitey,” and bloodshed. Somewhere out there, I’m sure there is someone (or quite a few people) who are of this opinion; and, this is all the reinforcement a racist mind needs.

"Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate!!!"

Well guess what? Some of us black folk actually like white people; and no, some of us are as interested in a race war as we are of putting bones in our noses. But of course there are always bad apples in every bunch, and the New Black Panther Party happens to be just that among black folks.

I recently listened to the audio recording of their telephone conference call that’s currently circulating on the internet. And I have to be honest, instead of being disgusted about the vitriolic hate spewed, I initially laughed. Not that I thought what was being said was funny. But what I found to be quite hilarious, was these idiots using modern technology to pretty much snitch on themselves. Um, you can’t talk about killing people on the phone – hello, al-Queda?

Shit, who needs COINTELPRO or the Feds to bring you down when all you have to do is conduct a conference call with fellow shit talking revolutionaries who wouldn’t do a damn thing that hits the world wide web. Yeah, who needs the FBI or CIA when there’s the good folks over at Breitbart TV to expose your not-so-good intentions? Seriously, haven’t these idiots learned anything from the past?

Listen to this garbage; J. Edgar Hoover would’ve loved to have it this easy:

One thing that I am happy about, is to know that Huey P. Newton took some time to weigh in on this crap. For those of you aren’t aware of just who Newton is, he is only one of the most significant figures in the Black Power movement of the 60s. More specifically, he is one of the original members of the Black Panther Party, which as he says in the following open letter, does not represent the ideals of the original movement. The Huey P. Newton Foundation has released the following statement in condemnation of the New Black Panther Party as it’s known today:

There Is No New Black Panther Party: An Open Letter From the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation

In response from numerous requests from individual’s seeking information on the “New Black Panthers,” the Dr. Huey P. Newton Foundation issues this public statement to correct the distorted record being made in the media by a small band of African Americans calling themselves the New Black Panthers. As guardian of the true history of the Black Panther Party, the Foundation, which includes former leading members of the Party, denounces this group’s exploitation of the Party’s name and history. Failing to find its own legitimacy in the black community, this band would graft the Party’s name upon itself, which we condemn.

Firstly, the people in the New Black Panthers were never members of the Black Panther Party and have no legitimate claim on the Party’s name. On the contrary, they would steal the names and pretend to walk in the footsteps of the Party’s true heroes, such as Black Panther founder Huey P. Newton, George Jackson and Jonathan Jackson, Bunchy Carter, John Huggins, Fred Hampton, Mark Cark, and so many others who gave their very lives to the black liberation struggle under the Party’s banner.

Secondly, they denigrate the Party’s name by promoting concepts absolutely counter to the revolutionary principles on which the Party was founded. Their alleged media assault on the Ku Klux Klan serves to incite hatred rather than resolve it. The Party’s fundamental principle, as best articulated by the great revolutionary Ernesto “Che” Guevara, was: “A true revolutionary is guided by great feelings of love.” The Black Panthers were never a group of angry young militants full of fury toward the “white establishment.” The Party operated on love for black people, not hatred of white people.

Furthermore, this group claims it would “teach” the black community about armed self-defense. The arrogance of this claim is overwhelmed by its reactionary nature. Blacks, especially in the South, have been armed in self-defense for a very long time; indeed, the spiritual parent of the Party itself was the Louisiana-based Deacons for Defense. However, the Party understood that the gun was not necessarily revolutionary, for the police and all other oppressive forces had guns. It was the ideology behind the gun that determined its nature. 

Because the Party believed that only the masses of people would make the revolution, the Party never presumed itself to be above the people. The Party considered itself a servant of the people and taught by example. Given massive black hunger, the Party provided free breakfast for children and other free food programs. In the absence of decent medical facilities in the black community, the Party operated free medical clinics. In the face of police brutality, the Party stood up and resisted. Considering the overwhelming number of blacks facing trials and long prison terms, the Party developed free legal aids and bussing-to-prison programs.

The question the Foundation raises, then, is who are these people laying claim to the Party’s history and name? Are they reactionary provocateurs, who would instigate activities counterproductive to the people’s interests, causing mayhem and death? Are they entertainers, who would posture themselves before the media, and, according to numerous sources, with empty guns, to spin gold for themselves? Are they, given the history of their late-leader Khalid Muhammad, a group of anti-Semites like the very Ku Klux Klan they allegedly oppose? What is their agenda?

Conditions for blacks in America today are worse than when the Black Panther Party was formed in 1966. Blacks in the main continue to live in poverty; disproportionate percentages of blacks die from AIDS and cancer, as the black infant mortality rate continues to be double that of whites. There is a desperate need for liberation agenda. The Black Panther Party unarguably set the example, espousing principles and a history that certainly should be embraced by all those still struggling for freedom. Rather than appropriating the Party’s name, however, groups that purport to represent African Americans ought to follow the Party’s true historical example. In the absence of such commitment, the Foundation denounces the usurpation of the Black Panther Party name by this questionable band of self-appointed leaders.

For further reading on the Black Panther Party, please visit our website at www.blackpanther.org. Books by and about the Black Panthers can also be purchased online through this site. Suggested reading includes Revolutionary Suicide, To Die for the People, War Against the Panthers, This Side of Glory, and A Taste of Power. (source)

By sharing this, beyond the idea of setting the record straight for white folks misguided by the media. Most importantly, it’s my hope that this message is loud and clear to black youth especially. The impressionable minds of black youth, like all rebellious youth with a thirst for nostalgia can and are easily manipulated when one uses words like revolution to advance an agenda. It’s with this in mind that I say the following: the New Black Panther Party are no different than any street gang across the country. They’re thirsty for attention, and they are unproductive. That said, their energy and efforts would have a more positive impact on the community at large if channeled into more positive endeavors. There’s enough killing within the black community as is. The last thing we need are more “killers” inflicting their will, anger, and pain, on others. We’re much better than this, folks.

First it was the “white civil rights activists” in Sanford, now this:

In a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder on Monday, obtained exclusively by The Daily Caller, a family member of George Zimmerman asked the nation’s top law enforcement officer why he has chosen to not arrest members of the New Black Panther Party for their rhetoric — some of which may fit the federal government’s definition of a hate crime — throughout the Trayvon Martin case.

The family member believes the reason Holder hasn’t made those arrests is because he, like the members of the New Black Panther Party, is black.

“I am writing you to ask you why, when the law of the land is crystal clear, is your office not arresting the New Black Panthers for hate crimes?” the family member wrote to Holder.

“The Zimmerman family is in hiding because of the threats that have been made against us, yet the DOJ has maintained an eerie silence on this matter. These threats are very public. If you haven’t been paying attention just do a Google search and you will find plenty. Since when can a group of people in the United States put a bounty on someone’s head, circulate Wanted posters publicly, and still be walking the streets?”

The New Black Panthers have issued ultimatums to the Sanford authorities, saying they want Zimmerman arrested “dead or alive.” They have placed a bounty on Zimmerman’s head, and have called for the building of an army of vigilantes to track him down and effect a citizen’s arrest.
Most recently, the New Black Panther Party has called for violence.

In a conference call recorded over the weekend, the militant group said it planned to “suit up and boot up” and prepare for the next stages of the “race war.”

So far, however, no members of the New Black Panther Party have faced legal consequences.

After citing the U.S. Department of Justice’s published definition of a “hate crime,” the Zimmerman family member wrote that there is “no other explanation” for Holder’s failure to authorize arrests of New Black Panther Party members, other than the fact that Holder himself is black.

“I would surmise that, based on your own definition of a hate crime, you have chosen not to arrest these individuals based solely on your race,” the family member wrote to Holder, insisting too that the was “NO racial component” to the “tragedy” that occurred on the late February night when Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin. (Read More: Daily Caller | Read Full Letter: Here)

Anyone with common sense can see that the New Black Panther Party and their antics are nothing but a distraction from the real goal which is justice for Trayvon Martin. Again, nothing will be gained by hate-filled racist rhetoric surrounding this situation down in Florida – enough is enough.

  • Ivan Ivanovich Renko

    It’s with this in mind that I say the following: the New Black Panther Party are no different than any street gang across the country. They’re thirsty for attention, and they are unproductive.

    They do, however, have some nifty military-ish duds. 

    As do the Hutaree militia, and of course our conservative fellow-citizens of the self-styled Tea Party.  Unlike those latter two groups, the NBPP doesn’t have a trove of military-style weapons and a hoard of ammunition.

    Which is not to say that I disagree with you on the NBPP; and of course, Dr. Newton’s word is bond when it comes to the real Black Panther Party.  I just wouldn’t want to lose sight of the fact that white groups are organized like the NBPP would like to be, armed like the NBPP could only dream of, and explicitly expressed their desire and preparation for “race war.”

  • Only difference, white militias aren’t out here being caught on tape talking about killing black folks and putting dead or alive bounties on people’s heads on CNN like the NBPP has.

  • It is not beyond the realm of possibility that the NBBP is a creation of the FBI, Homeland Security, etc or has been co-opted by such groups. One of the fascinating/frightening things learned by reading the Karl Evanzz and Marable  books on Malcolm and the Nation was the extent to which so many groups were penetrated or compromised by the national (or local) security state apparatus.

    Even if that’s not the case the NBBP is making the same mistakes that dogged people like Cleaver -lots of theater and talk-little community support or positive actions. Their primary achievement appears to have been to legitimize the factually true but intellectually lazy idea of “Well there are haters on both sides”.

  • T E

    I think the NBPP is an important component in the debate on racial issues. Most of you  handkerchief-head Negroes is too damn scared to tell the white world how you really feel. Skinheads are patrolling the streets in Sanford FL. It’s good to make clear that America has a choice: you can do the right thing: charge Zimmerman, and the NBPP and protesters go away. OR, you can treat Black people like sub-human throw-aways and deal with the ensuing outrage.

  • T E

    That’s because the media are sanitizing the issues, not wanting to air the real deal with what’s going on in America.  White hate is a more difficult and troubling story to tell. The easier story to portray is Black people begging, AGAIN, for justice. White people are on these blogs and newspaper websites and radio call-in shows spewing hate. Don’t underestimate white hatred.

  • I wondered about that when this recent conference call surfaced. These guys have been on the watch list for quite some time now. And, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve been infiltrated,

  • The New Black Panther Party is important? Really?? What exactly have they done for the Black community?

  • T E

    They provide an alternative for those in the Black community who are tired of protesting this corrupt American system. Some of us are tired of begging the “man” for justice, equality and freedom”. Don’t you get tired of second class citizenship OR are you perfectly content with the way things are?

  • And just exactly what does this “alternative” produce? How is it’s effectiveness measured as successful relative to other tried and true efforts?

  • Iwannahelp77

    You know, as a white american, I too am sick of the system.  I also am sick of feeling like I owe every minority group something because I am white.  I am poor and have to work my ass of just like anyone else.  No one gives me a thing, but there are those out there that are a part of a parasitical society that thinks that the “white” class owes them something.  My family has always been poor and you know, poor whites were treated just crappy as the blacks back then.  True there were privileges for the pigment challenged that were not granted the more pigmented, but damn, I’m sick of being stereotyped because I am white.  Is that not first class racism in itself?  Together we can over come this crap about racism, not this clannish crap… to hell with anybody that uses hate to fuel their agenda  

  • Odgred Weary

    It is an obscenity to use the word “love” in the same sentence as the fascist exterminator Che Guevara, who murdered over 400 people. I’m glad to see Huey Newton denounce the New Black Panthers. Now he must denounce the old as well.