It’s been a while since I last visited Brooklyn, New York. The last time I was there I had to worry about stop-and-frisk and being randomly being felt up by the NYPD with every twenty paces I took out in Brownsville. As if things couldn’t get any worse out in Brooklyn, now it seems that there are Jewish Gangs pouncing on random black men. No, seriously, I’m not making this up. A gang of Hasidic Jews literally beat at least one black man in Brooklyn recently. I don’t know if this is the Jewish answer to the knockout game, but I do know this is indeed a hate crime.

This from NBC New York:

Police are investigating after an aspiring fashion design student was assaulted by a group of more than a dozen men in Brooklyn, leaving him with a broken eye socket and a torn retina.

The 22-year-old victim, Taj Patterson, who is black, says he was out with friends in Williamsburg Dec. 1 when a group of 15 to 20 men he described as Hasidic Jews wearing religious garb approached him.

“They came up behind me, they grabbed me, they punched me in the face, kicked me down, knocked me out,” Patterson told NBC 4 New York.

Patterson’s mother, Zahra Patterson, said “it wasn’t until someone stopped them — the witnesses — otherwise, my son would have been left for dead.”

Patterson was taken to the emergency room at Woodhull Hospital to be treated for his injuries. He’s expected to have additional surgeries in two weeks to reattach the damaged retina.

Patterson said he had been drinking on a party bus with friends before the assault on Flushing Avenue in the heavily Orthodox section of Williamsburg, but has no idea why he was beat up.

“Maybe the way I dressed, I was on the block,” he said. “I want these people to know they can’t put their hands on anyone and get away with it, and think just because you have on certain attire you can get away with certain things. We’re all equal here.”

hasidic-jewish-gang-assaults-black-man-in-brooklynThe NYPD says the hate crimes unit is investigating. Patterson was drunk the night of the assault, and it took several days to piece together the facts, they say.

Assemblyman Dov Hikind, who represents the Borough Park section of Brooklyn but is a vocal advocate for Hasidic Jews across the borough, said “something obviously happened” to Patterson, but the allegation was “bizarre.”

It “sounds so out of character,” Hikind said.

Zahra Patterson said four witnesses have told police what happened, including the driver of a bus who jumped in to stop the assault.

“It’s shocking,” said Zahra Patterson. “It saddened me to even know that this level of hate exists so close to home, that a group could be so angry about whatever.”

Watch the video below:

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  • Feeney

    Beating up one Black man doesn’t make this a trend, unlike the reverse. Let’s not get too dramatic just yet. Besides, Hasids are not like the rest of whites, who lay down and take it and then even make excuses for any Black attackers (excuses they would not make for fellow whites).

  • Guest

    Payback for the knockout game for sure.

  • Guest

    Here is a good story for the website.

    ‘[Black] Church couple uses African servant for forced labor’

  • Guest

    Oprah’s “racist” hand bag incident was publicity stunt too and she had to walk it back.

  • Secretsquid, is that you? Come clean, man.

  • Guest

    Secretsquid? You must be paranoid about someone else.

  • What evidence is there that the reverse is indeed a trend?

  • Where’s the evidence to support the idea that this is a trend other than that silly book. A handful of random incidents don’t make it a trend.

  • How was it a publicity stunt when the store apologized publicly?

  • Um, actually, Oprah didn’t retract or ‘take back’ anything. She, needlessly, apologized for recounting what happened to her while in Switzerland, because of the media storm that followed. She never even mentioned the name of the store or the sales associate who snubbed. They exposed themselves. A hit dog will holler, though.

  • I’m still waiting on this information myself. So far, all anyone has been able to provide, is speculation based on fear mongering perpetrated by racist right-wing extremists, trying to perpetuate erroneous tropes about Black men. Considering all of the racially charged killings, mass shootings, and violent incidents of late, I’m guessing this is their way of trying to do ‘damage control’ and turn the lens back on us scary, violent black folks.

  • You derailing, and grasping at straws with a 2 year old isolated story *still* doesn’t negate the corroborated details of this man’s attack. Nice try though.

  • Guest

    Using that same logic, why did Oprah apologize then if she was truly the victim?

  • Guest

    She didn’t name the store because she knew that she had manufactured the whole phony incident and didn’t want the media to further evaluate her lies.

    The employee of the store said that she was only making Oprah aware of a better deal on a comparable bag and there was no racism involved whatsoever. It was Oprah’s own irrational racial paranoia and desire to get her name in the headlines to promote her new racially charged film which motivated her reaction.

  • Guest

    Let’s count up how many knockout game attacks were committed by blacks against whites, Hispanics and Asians then shall we? Do you really want to play the numbers game on that one? Two white men were recently beaten to death in unprovoked attacks by black youths in Syracuse, NY alone.

    How many articles were written here about ‘Polar Bear Hunting’ or ‘Beat Whitey Fight Night’?

  • Guest

    ‘White Girl Bleed A Lot’ for starters. Black mob violence is an epidemic and the cat is out of the bag now.

    I guess you delete all references to information which flies in the face of your partisan agenda?

  • Guest

    The vast majority of interracial crime is black against other races. Start with interracial rapes for example. I dare you to pull up the official FBI numbers. You want to live in denial because it provides you social cover.

  • Guest

    Where is your evidence that blacks are under attack other than a silly blog which cherry-picks a bunch of random and isolated incidents of black victimization while carefully ignoring everything else?

    Hundreds upon hundreds of officially documented incidents of black mob violence are not only evidence of a trend but of a national epidemic.

  • Guest

    Professional race-baiter Kanye West recently tried to claim that Arsenio Hall’s show was cancelled because of the racist white man. Even Hall himself had to call him out on his typically unsupported BS. The race card is now being played on behalf of others it seems. Even if those others have not a clue as to what they are actually talking about.

  • Guest

    This was just a random attack committed by downtrodden and socially misunderstood city dwellers. They only lashed out because the world is so unfair and they were left without a viable alternative. We need to reach out to them instead of issuing punishment. Where have we heard that one before?

  • How is Oprah’s handbag issue relevant to this topic?

  • So, according to yet another volume of your scoffing, only Hasidic Jews are just victims of an unjust society while black attackers are just born bad.

  • In other words, when racism happens to us, or when we say it’s happening, we automatically are whining. We should just shut up and enjoy life according to you. Meanwhile, “racism” against whites should be an important topic because white people must be protected at all cost. SMH.

  • Sorry. It’s just that both you and him sound exactly alike with one thing on your minds.

  • Why don’t you come out and say that you just plain don’t like us negroes? That’s quicker than writing paragraphs on how horrible we are.

  • Where did anyone say that blacks are under “full-scale attack”? Come back and try again.

  • You really don’t like us negroes don’t ya? You hate us enough to COME TO US just to derail a topic that has nothing to do with your fear-based rants. Just come out and say it and save yourself some time.

  • Whoever you are, Guest, let me just remind you that nothing you say is new. It’s just the usual black-people-are-bad-and-will-attack-you-for-no-reason routine just to assault us with your guilt trips for not talking about what you want to talk about instead of going to websites that do.

    Whenever we talk about a clear example of racism, here you trolls come swarming in telling us that whatever happened was not as vital or an example of racism than your onslaught of examples of black-on-white crime which, by the way, does NOTHING to so much as even fracture this society’s white power structure. Your list of examples are still only a handful as opposed to the actual population. Yet, to you, they are signs to the fall of Western civilization. GTFOH.

    Meanwhile, and I always make this point, you say NOTHING about crimes against whites BY WHITES. What’s the matter? You don’t think they exist? You think that hardly happens? Whatever the case, it shows your “concern” towards whites is half-assed at best and fake at worst.

    Your campaign to make us collectively feel bad for being black only shows how sick you are. And I’m sure you will continue with your rants nonetheless because nothing I said will be truthful enough to scare you away with your tail between your legs. You have no shame.

    The only good thing about your presence here is that YOU PROVE US RIGHT. Yet, I don’t think you’re smart enough to realize that even if it’s pointed out to you. You are some piece of work, fella or lady.

    Happy trolling, and do better next time.

  • Guest

    I’ll say it. Niggers < Everyone else.. This is why I've paid my NRA dues and voted for politicians who have instituted Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws. Like Joe Horn of Pasadena Texas, I will kill the 3/5 human absconded farm animals if they commit the misdemeanor crime of trespass.

  • Guest

    Good. I feral nigger beast would not have dared to venture into my grandfather’s Brooklyn neighborhood. It is good to see that their are still humans who are willing to protect their neighborhoods from you AIDS infested monkeys. The most “liberal” cities in this country are the most segregated. It is time that we be honest. Niggers are not welcome. If they do not like it, they can leave or die.

  • “White Girl Bleed a Lot” as a source. That helps confirm you’re a racist.

  • See? That wasn’t so hard, was it?

  • I knew I’d break your fragile racist ego.

  • conect2u

    Thank you & f/f…

  • Odd how you’re praising your “humans” for behaving just like those “feral nigger beasts.” And ironic too, considering how most white supremacists and “real racialists” usually don’t get down with the Jewish folk.

    And doubly ironic how you’re telling the descendants of a people brought here against their will that not only are they not welcome, but if they don’t firmly plant their big ol’ lips on this country’s pasty collective ass, they can “leave or die.” Hilarious.

  • Reasons why he’s a “guest”?

    1) Too cowardly to post under an ID
    2) Was recently banned for the above trifling bs.

  • Where was the news coverage for this?