The tragi-drama that is George Zimmerman is apparently coming to a painful end. He’s homeless, or so he says, and despite his fat little cheeks, he says nobody will make him a sandwich.

Awww poor baby. Guess his fake white privileges have run out.

Don’t see his Judge-Daddy or arrogant big brother riding to his rescue, which is usually a clear family sign in most instances, that the troubled one really is a fuck up, despite what they said in public, and they just want him to go away, too.

George Zimmerman flexed his inner TuPac Shakur by saying that "Only God Can Judge Me."
George Zimmerman flexed his inner TuPac Shakur by saying that “Only God Can Judge Me.”

Georgie says he is also suffering from PTSD but how would he know that since he told reporters his doctor no longer allows him to schlep in through the back door. He’s so famous now.

Man..homeless, no food, suffering PTSD, and so famous he has to wear a bullet proof vest, because he can no longer afford body guards.

Everybody wants him or wants to do him harm…victimized for life.

What a life…what a life.

Of course Trayvon Martin is just dead.

Think about that for a moment.

Trayvon the candy-loving kid, who forced Georgie Z to get out of his car, led him into a dark place, where Georgie had to pull his gun and shoot because the candy loving kid was beating his ass.

Ass whippin’ from a kid…..makes you wonder how George suddenly found the balls to announce that he was willing to climb into a boxing ring with a Black man to make some money to pay off his massive lawyer debt from trial.

Georgie Z wants ya to know that he is not a racist either. He has black relatives, and he is the real victim here and he’s not sorry for pulling the trigger. He was exercising his god-given rights as a fake white man in the United States of America, and only God will judge him.

Yep..Calling on God…true sign of a guilty man.

Georgie Z…may you live long and never prosper…