Not all news has to be bad news.



There are still some good folks out there doing good things. Necessary things..It’s up to sites like ours to put it out there and highlight it when we see it.

Folks get tired of bad news all the damn time…..

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Ohio fried chicken restaurant employs former prisoners to give them a second chance to build their lives.


Wilson, now an Executive Coordinator for the popular Ohio restaurant, was addicted to drugs for 15 years. At 31, she was incarcerated for nearly four years. When she was released, she had no money, no clothes, and no food.

Luckily, she was provided transitional housing and resources from Rachel’s House and Kindway Embark, two organizations that assist with prisoner re-entry. She applied to multiple jobs but companies were reluctant to hire someone with a criminal background. A counselor at Kindway Embark told her about Hot Chicken Takeover’s open hiring policy. Wilson applied and landed a job. Finally, someone was willing to give her a shot at rebuilding her life.

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