Boston Marathon Bombing: Another White Guy Rampage in America

Personally, I don’t give a rat’s ass if the Tsarnaev brothers are white. No one who goes around throwing bombs and killing people for no reason is ever gonna make it into my top ten list of favorite people on this earth, anyway, regardless of their skin color or place of national origin. Killing and mass murder have always been equal opportunity, especially when this special brand of psychopathy as exhibited by the brothers last week unfolds across our television screens.

For some reason as yet unexplained, when guys like this throw a violent temper tantrum in order to right the perceived wrongs levied against them by society, innocents die. What happened last week felt like international terrorism only because an IED(improvised explosive device) was used. However, as the story unfolded it seemed to indicate a different kind of thing, more Columbine than 9/11. Both Columbine and 9/11 are terrorism, but different kinds of terrorism, one recognized as such, the other not so much. In the psyche of Americans, 9/11 is terrorism because of who did it, or I should say, the skin color and religion of who did it. Columbine is still considered boys acting out, read that white boys acting out, like Newtown and a couple of dozen other high school killing incidents during the past decade.

boston-marathon-bombing-another-white-guy-rampage-in-america1They have the money, they have access to the guns and they have the perfect hiding place, in plain sight, lost in any number of the neighborhoods inhabited by the masters of the universe. These two were so arrogant that they didn’t try to run away until their pictures hit the airwaves. Then it seems they decided to go out in a blaze of glory, calling attention to themselves by killing a cop, hijacking a car, reportedly telling their victim they were the bombers and getting into a gun battle with police, complete with assault weapons right out in the street. The story goes, that little brother actually killed big brother by running over him with the get away car as he lay in the street after being tackled by a police officer, but not before he was able to call his mother and say good bye. How very American of them. Up until they revealed themselves, nobody knew who or where they were. Did they screw up and just panicked? Didn’t seem like there was a plan B for these guys.

It sounds like a movie script or a scene straight out of Grand Theft Auto the video game.

What was new about this old scenario is the ease with which the police, Feds and military locked down an American city and kept it that way until they got their men. What we saw was practice implementation of Martial law. What we saw this past week in Boston would have been illegal prior to 9/11. The laws enabling this militaristic mobilization went into effect 34 days after the twin towers fell. 34 days is how long it took for Congress to pass the Patriot Act and for President Bush to sign into law.

boston-marathon-bombing-another-white-guy-rampage-in-america2Rather than repeal these attacks on our civil liberties, our new President, Obama, has done everything in his power to strengthen those powers, enabling full White House control of the populace if and when it becomes necessary by using militarized police forces backed up by real military. ( All you second amendment, dooms day preppers, and apocalypse survivalists with your 14-15 assault weapons and big ammo clips….good luck with that when the shit hits the fan and the Feds come for your ass). But I digress….

Little brother crawled away from the gun fight only to be cornered hiding in some guy’s boat four blocks away. Wounded, police are now speculating that even though they took him alive, he tried unsuccessfully to shoot himself in the head, before police stormed his hiding place. Jihadist tend to blow themselves up, not swallow a bullet. Swallowing bullets is soooo, well…  so American.

No one really knows what happened with these guys, or where or when they decided killing innocents was the play of the day. But having spent most of their lives living in America, it would be a safe bet to assume that their so called radicalization happened right here in the good old USA and not some mountain region in Eastern Europe.