After reading this, you may ask: How can a mother stand there and let a man do such a thing to her child? Well, the answer is easy: The Bible teaches women to “submit” to their husbands. Additionally, it also says, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” That said, isn’t it easy to understand why something like this actually happened in our much touted civilized society?

After all, isn’t it telling that when they found 7-year-old Roderick Arrington unresponsive after being beaten to near death a day earlier for not reading the Bible, instead of dialing 911, they called their pastor? My guess is that this was all God’s will as well, right? Yep, Jesus loves the little children of the world; yep, even the ones who are physically abused that are raised by parents who love him.

LAS VEGAS (KSNV MyNews3) — Markiece and Dina Palmer are accused in the murder of Dina Palmer’s 7-year-old son, who police say died from injuries consistent with child abuse.

It’s a heartbreaking story that’s left so many people asking the question. When the Palmers found second-grader Roderick Arringtonin the morning, the couple says he was unresponsive.

However, they told police they didn’t call 911 first. Instead they called a pastor.

Dina Palmer: Mother of Roderick Arrington

[…] Pastor Kenneth Hollingsworth says he’s as shocked as anyone that Markiece Palmer chose to call him before first-responders.

Metro police said they believe Roderick Arrington was abused at Markiece and Dina Palmer’s home near Decatur and Desert Inn.

Palmer admitted to hitting his stepson on multiple occasions in front of the boy’s mother.

He told police that’s how he would discipline the second-grader.

In the police report, detectives say they found a broken broom stick, belts, cords, spatulas and clothing — all with blood on them.

Roderick was taken to a hospital on Thursday and died a day later. (source)

Now, I’m not opposed to spanking my kids: and, I’ll be the first to admit that. No, you’ll get no argument from me when it comes to corporal punishment as a form of discipline. And I say that having been on the receiving end of more than a few as a child myself. However, whether deserved or not (yes mom, the jury is still out on a few of those). It’s very hard for me to rationalize inflicting the abuse to a child, for lying about reading the Bible. Having said that, I won’t be surprised if Roderick’s mother, Dina Palmer, is also a victim of religious-sanctioned physical and mentalabuse as well.

The arrest report details the child’s injuries, including open abrasions on his buttocks, severe bruising to his thighs, marks and bruises on his back and shoulders and evidence of previous beatings.

Markiece Palmer told police he and Dina Palmer spanked the child November 27th, because he lied about reading a Bible verse. Markiece Palmer said Roderick was spanked again the next day for not finishing his homework. In the arrest report, Markiece Palmer said the boy balled up his fists and “ran at him”. That resulted in Markiece shaking the child. He also told police Roderick slipped at the bottom of the stairs and hit his head on a table and the floor. (source)

Check out the following video:

  • Whatever happened to thy rod and thy staff they comfort me?!?

  • This is yet another example of the mentally deranged folks who use the gospel to hide behind like a righteous shield while perpetuating their generations old dysfunctions!

  • Bob

    Turns out “slipping and hitting your head” is pretty easy when you’re getting your ass beat by an adult

  • gidtanner

    The thing that shocked me most about your presentation of this atrocity was you saying that you are not opposed to beating children . And , of course , that you got beat plenty when you were young . it is always those that got raised being beaten that think this crime is okay . like they think it makes them tough men to say beating is okay and they went through it . i ask you to consider throughout history who it is that does the beating ? Usually , the rulers . The slave masters .And , like Reagan said ,it all trickles down . Fortunately , it looks like you are now too old to be a daddy to young children . Bit I also hope that you did not have the chance/occasion to deliver slave master justice to any children .

  • Let me guess: You didn’t like me “attacking” religion, did you? I’m only asking because there’s an obvious not-so-thin-line between beating a kid bloody, and a spanking. But I suppose that’s what I get for assuming the sophistication of my readership — trolls included, of course.

  • gidtanner

    Hey , attack superstition all you want . Just don’t justify beating on little people .The religionists are all for beating kids , so you & them agree on that . But it is too bad cause I think a lot of the rest of the stuff you write about makes good sense .

  • gidtanner

    I should clarify — most of the people who end up killing and maiming little kids start out with the idea that a ” spanking ” is okay . then things progress . But the basic reality is that anyone “spanking ” a kid does it cause they are BIG and can get away with it cause the kid is small . I don’t mean small like the troll you reference . It’s all about power .

  • Katherine McChesney

    There is a safe way to spank a child. But, this was not a spanking. This child was the victim of a violent step-father and a deranged mother who did nothing to protect her child. I hope the law throws the book at both of them.

  • Bryan Ortez

    I think there is a difference between a spanking for discipline and an abusive beating. I am also sure that is what the author was conveying in this article. That being said I do agree that spanking is not always the best solution, especially if it has been tried and the behavior has not changed.

    this story is a tragedy.