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People like to talk about “their haters” all the time. Some even use the evidence of a large following of haters as proof of their superiority! Lots of haters?!! Then you must be the bomb! In this sense, the standard meaning of hate is changed in order to mean envy. When people talk about “haters” they’re really referring to envious people. And again, people often point to a lot of perceived enviousness in their lives as something of a badge of honor. On the other hand, it might be that you’re delusional and are an asshole.

Hate in its standard usage, however, is a powerful, often destructive energy. The word hate comes from the Old English and its definition is rooted in sadness, anger, pain. But as with everything else in life, you can harness the power of hate for a good purpose. Warning: the following isn’t from a Christian/ Judeo framework, so beware ::grin::

Hate everyone you see today. Actually, this shouldn’t be hard because you probably do this to a certain extent already. Hate strangers, family, and friends. What I mean is look at each person and generate feelings of hate.

Don’t slack. If you aren’t hating, then work at it. Hate the woman who cut you off in the car ahead of you. Hate the man you last spoke with on the cell. Hate the very next person you see — intensely.

As you’re doing all this hating, imagine yourself dying, right now, this very moment, while hating. Hate, and feel as if you’re dying. Would you rather die a different way than hating?

How would you prefer to die, if you had the choice (you do)?

Don’t think, but experience your answer to this question. Offer the spirit in which you wish to die — from this moment on.

If you notice yourself slacking off, then practice hating once again — practice hating every person you meet or see. Really hate him or her, hating as hard as you can, and then feel (not think!) if this is how you want to die, shackled in hate.

You can use this to blossom open to be lived by the force of love. If this feels difficult or scary, then hate for just a moment in order to help you commit to how loving you want to be when you die, which, contrary to the propaganda, could be right now.



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Published on: August 26, 2011

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  • Reggie

    I suppose that’s  one way to look at it Eddie.

  • Anonymous

    I wield my hatred like a paintbrush.