Not to belabor a point, but let’s follow-up on what I wrote yesterday in response to Richard Mourdock’s ridiculous comment. Yes, let’s take another look at the idea that a woman becoming pregnant as a consequence of being raped needs to succumb to “God’s will,” and as such, should not be allowed to legally have an abortion. As I noted yesterday, there are many who support this Mourdock’s stated opinion; and, many are coming to his defense. That said, in an attempt to make the idea of a woman being raped all the more real, let’s meet 37-year-old, Tiana Stevens.

I came across Stevens’ story via News One. The article they did was heart wrenching, but it could not have come at a better time. I say that because as my wife and I discussed, it’s easy for people and politicians like Mourdock to discuss rape and incest without having been victimized themselves; or, without have any close and personal experience with anyone who has actually been through such a horrific experience. But, with women being sexually assaulted every 45 seconds here in the United States; and, with 1 in 15 sexual assaults resulting in pregnancy, rape is very real, folks.

So yes, let’s take a look at one woman’s story. That’s right, meet Tiara Stevens, a rape survivor and single mother to her son who also happens to be her brother. Yep, Tiara was sexually assaulted by her father repeatedly when she was 12-years-old, and gave birth to, well, her brother.

Now, can you imagine giving birth to a child as a result of an incestuous relationship with your father? I know, it’s still hard for me to imagine a man doing that to his daughter. But hey, it happens; and yes, for Tiara and many others, this is very real. Now for many of you, the fact that she had the baby is awesome; yes, at least the kid will have a shot at life and becoming something or somebody; yep, he may just be the next Barack Obama. But in your eternal optimism, can you say that it was worth it? If you had the option of having an abortion as opposed to giving birth to a baby with a slew of medical problems as a result of your father’s sickness, would you still do it?

Would you really be willing to go through it?

Unfortunately for Tiara, she didn’t have that option. As she stated in the video above, she had no idea she was pregnant until the baby was born. But I have to wonder, what if she knew? What if she knew she was pregnant, would she want to willingly go through a pregnancy and deliver a child fathered by her father at 13-years-old? I think we can all agree that at that age, life is pretty much complicated as is. Why then would a young woman want to burden herself with the emotional scar of giving birth to her father’s child? Should she too in her not-yet-formed adult mind accept her circumstance as “God’s will,” and her child as a “gift” from God? As a parent, can you honestly say that it would be?

Do you really believe hat?

Tiara Stevens was raped by father when she was 12-years-old and became pregnant — yeah, God gave her the gift of a bouncing baby boy. What’s really awesome, is that she didn’t have an abortion and gave birth to her brother… eww… who quite naturally has a host of medical problems and is blind.

Having said that, I wonder how many of you “believers” are still of the opinion that a woman (or girl) conceiving a child when raped is still a “gift” from God.? I’m only asking because if this is a blessing, then maybe abortion should be illegal and not an option for women who through no fault of their own, are victimized…. oops, I meant blessed by God. I mean, am I wrong, or am I wrong? Oh well, you can watch Tiara’s full interview below. Yep, pay attention to the part where she said her father found out she was pregnant when the baby kicked while he was having sex with her.

  • Jay

    I agree with your message but I wish you would not imply that having a disabled child is a burden. This young woman’s situation is tragic, but not because her son is blind. It’s like you’re saying “All these terrible things happened, and on top of it, he’s disabled!” Blind people don’t deserve that.

  • Maybe I wasn’t clear on that point; please, forgive me for that. The point that I failed to go into further explanation. Was that there are dire medical consequences to inbreeding. Science proves that a child produced by such practice is guaranteed to have many medical problems. I under stand what you’re saying about blind people — I am legally blind myself. However, to willfully bring a child into this world as a product of such a sexual encounter is, in my opinion, putting yourself in a burdensome position. Not only that, but it is also burdensome for the child. Please believe, being blind isn’t fun.

  • Alison

    Rippa – I’m a woman and I want to thank you for this post. It has been infuriating to watch one after another Republican threaten to impose their idiotic and downright dangerous ideas about rape and abortion on women. I’m so glad you made the point that rape is real and it’s absolutely traumatic and does long term serious damage to the victim. Tiara’s story is heartbreaking and Tiara is absolutely loveable because she is kind and courageous. Courageous for talking about her experience and proceeding through the painful process of holding her father accountable. She’s mature and intelligent and obviously she has a huge heart as she’s not taking any of this out on her son whom she appears to really love. But we should realize that despite the fact that Tiara and other women who are victims of rape and sexual assault find courageous ways to cope, and appear to be getting along fine, they are not fine. They have been desecrated and consequently deeply hurt and altered for life. And incest is especially evil. Tiara was an innocent child who needed to trust her father, especially as an adolescent. Being sexually violated by one’s own father is so twisted & horrifying and it wreaks unbelievable havoc on a child’s psychological well being. I myself am a victim of sexual assault but not rape and not incest. I had a terrible time for years trying to overcome the effects of those experiences and I can only image how much worse rape and incest is. Yes, people cope with these things. Unless you’re in their skin, it’s hard to know just how painful it is. But if you’re a human being with a heart, it’s not that hard to realize that it must be awful. And that’s why I think Republicans are inhuman and heartless. It’s a cruel and viscous suggestion Republicans are making that Tiara or anyone in her position or a similar position should have to have a child through rape. I have grown to feel hatred toward the Republicans who are saying these things and I think it’s because, as a woman, I feel so threatened by these men. I think they are so dangerous for women. In fact, I think they are misogynists and no woman should ever trust them. I can’t tell you how much I hope Obama gets elected.

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  • Damn!!!!

  • Every single time I see this goddamned post I feel like I’ve just watched “Precious” all over again.