The pursuit of a higher education is no easy task. Truth be told, many students face many challenges. With finances or the lack thereof being number one, one would be amazed at the things some students do to make a dollar these days. I mean after all, with the cost of a higher education exploding as it has, it’s no surprise that some are “forced” to do the unthinkable. That would be, give up the coochie for money. But not in a traditional sense; they’re taking it to the web:

Saddled with piles of student debt and a job-scarce, lackluster economy, current college students and recent graduates are selling themselves to pursue a diploma or pay down their loans. An increasing number, according to the the owners of websites that broker such hook-ups, have taken to the web in search of online suitors or wealthy benefactors who, in exchange for sex, companionship, or both, might help with the bills.

The past few years have taken an especially brutal toll on the plans and expectations of 20-somethings. As unemployment rates tick steadily higher, starting salaries have plummeted. Meanwhile, according to Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, a professor of psychology at Clark University, about 85 percent of the class of 2011 will likely move ba

[…] Enter the sugar daddy, sugar baby phenomenon. This particular dynamic preceded the economic meltdown, of course. Rich guys well past their prime have been plunking down money for thousands of years in search of a tryst or something more with women half their age — and women, willingly or not, have made themselves available. With the whole process going digital, women passing through a system of higher education that fosters indebtedness are using the anonymity of the web to sell their wares and pay down their college loans.

Whatever happened to the good ‘ole days when young ladies were morally upstanding? You know, the days when all they did was take to a pole in a dimly lit room surrounded  by Lord knows who, for some extra cash to buy Ramen Noodles? If this isn’t a sign of the times we live in then I don’t know what is, folks. You ,ay call it doing what one has to do. But I call it exploitation.

“It’s a very expensive job,” says Jack, a 70-year-old sugar daddy, who describes himself as a “humanitarian” interested in helping young women in financial need. Jack isn’t the name that appears on his American Express black card, but an identity he uses when shopping online for companionship and sex.

Jack says he meets up twice a week with a young woman from Seeking Arrangement. He typically forks over about $500 a night — and that’s not including lavish dinners at Daniel or shopping excursions on Madison Avenue.

“Unlike a traditional escort service, I was surprised to find such an educated, smart population,” says Jack, during cocktail hour recently at the Ritz-Carlton in Manhattan. He said he lives next door in a penthouse apartment overlooking Central Park South and pays $22,000 a month in rent.

[…] While sugar babies can create profiles on Seeking Arrangement free of charge and a regular sugar daddy membership costs $50 each month, Jack pays $2,400 a year to belong to the Diamond Club. For a sugar daddy willing to pay up, the site says it verifies his identity, annual income, and net worth and then ensures his profile gets the most traction by continually allowing it to pop up in the top tier of search results.

Educated, debt-ridden 20-somethings happen to be an age demographic that intersects nicely with Jack’s preferences. “I only go out with girls 25 and under,” says Jack, whose thick head of white hair and bushy eyebrows form a halo around a red, flushed face. “But I can’t walk into a bar and go up to a 25-year-old. They’d think I’m a pervert. So, this is how I go about meeting them.”

[…] “Most of these young women have debt from school,” says Jack, who finds most young women also carry an average of $8,000 in credit-card debt. “I guess I like the college girls more because I think of their student debt as good debt. At least it seems like I’m helping them out, like I’m helping them to get a better life.”

Certainly what these young women are doing is very different from walking the track and turning $20 tricks. But, I can’t help but to think that the general concept is the same. I mean it’s not like they’re using a regular dating site in hopes of finding a long lasting loving relationship. For them, the motivation is purely financial; and, their Johns benefactors aren’t oblivious to their intent.

I’m not sure about you, but I call this prostitution.


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  • As said, at some point we all pony up something. You wonder why college tuition is so high, old dudes were tired of the intelligent prime ass telling them fuck off I can do it on my own. Legally you can’t tell her suck or stay in the typing pool anymore so now get her before she gets all high and mighty. Fresh out of college, saddled with debt.

    Hell old women want those healthy, shiny, fresh out of hitting the gym, the court and the field bodies of young men who still want to pound something into the ground. If you got money this is what you have been told was waiting out here for ya, this ain new it’s just been frowned upon in public because MOST folks can’t afford to do it. Eartha Kitt and Marilyn Monroe “Santa Baby” you think they weren’t talking about a Sugar Daddy? Is it sad yes, are we going to do anything about making education a “for profit industry?” nope so I guess it’s more about flapping ya gums than it is about keeping young folks from having to compromise their dignity

  • Desertflower

    As has been said, it’s a damn shame getting an education has to cost so much and saddle the person with an enormous debt!

    The sugar daddy relationship is as old as time. I’m willing to bet that the majority of women have accepted some form of “payment” for sex, though perhaps with someone they liked or at least someone that was okay..
    And, what man here hasn’t at some point in his life, “paid” for a woman in one form or another???

  • Hey, I’m not mad at em!  I’m a male, and when I was a young man, the old babes would be after me.  Had I had any sense, I would have had them paying my tuition too!

  • Anonymous

    Shit….yall so dam late. I was on Sugar Daddy dot com years ago. Bartering is a part of life, either time at a job for “respectable wages” or laying on your back satisfying your ‘wifely’ duties because hubby ain’t paying no bills in here if he’s not ‘happy’. 

    So miss me with the morality argument. Hell yeah, tuition is expensive as hell. We all know it’s a form of gatekeeper classism. Hell yeah, my tuition is dam near paid off. Thanks to my Suga Daddy and my generous ex-boyfriend I now earn enough to pay my daughter tuition in cash (because I earn too much for her to receive financial aide…did I mention I’m on unemployment right now…namaste) Is it prostituting. Yup. Is it wrong? Says who..Do I regret it…Hell, no. I would rather sell pussy now as a young woman and by CHOICE and get my education in hopes that MAYBE I won’t have to do it as an old woman whose going rate and vitality has dropped considerably. 

  • John

    The college education system is also exploitation. Blame your politicians for lacking the vision to make higher education accessible! And aren’t all relationships some kind of arrangement? Marriage involves a contract.