I honestly wasn’t going to say a word about the current hullabaloo surrounding a celebrity whose legacy, reputation and career are in critical condition. After dealing with the fallout from the Bill Cosby trial and new disturbing revelations concerning R. Kelly, part of you believes that some powerful force is not through with destroying famous black folks. Either that, or we’re seeing that some of our role models are anything but and are really not worth our time or money. And it seems that when it comes to crime or other forms of bullshit, black celebrities are treated more harshly than their white counterparts.

Of course, that certain celebrity is the famous R & B singer Usher Raymond, IV, or just Usher or Ursher if you’re from the Dirty South. Last month, Celebrity gossip site RadarOnline reported that the artist paid a woman 1.1 million dollars in a lawsuit because he allegedly gave her herpes. (Click on the link for more details.) After the article went public, the snowball of controversy got bigger as it rolled down the mountain of shame.

In a matter of days, another woman emerged filing a $10 million dollar lawsuit after learning about the herpes article claiming that she slept with Usher twice. She doubled the amount when she discovered that she’s positive.

But it gets predictably worse, as I hoped and prayed it wouldn’t turn out to be another black celebrity serial sexual predator case.

Three more people, two women, and one man are prepping more lawsuits against Usher, all claiming to be exposed to the virus. One, in particular, Quantasia Sharpton, says she hooked up with him but tested negative. The other two remain anonymous.

The icing on the cake is hearing that more lawsuits are a possibility, at least according to the prosecuting lawyer Lisa Bloom.

Meanwhile, Usher has strangely kept quiet on the matter making him look more suspicious in the public’s eye. He’s currently working on another album with Jermaine Dupri, but with this shit going on, I doubt it will sell well.

Quantasia Sharpton alleges to have sexual contact with Usher and has filed a civil lawsuit in spite of having not contracting herpes.

With all the reports surrounding Usher, his sexual health and the people who supposedly slept with him and may have contracted the virus, it looks like another black celebrity’s respectable image will be flushed down the drain by his own irresponsible behavior.

If Usher doesn’t have herpes, why the hell is he quiet? If he does, is he too scared to admit to anything? Is he that much of a cowardly asshole to keep his health a secret to his former sexual partners, assuming he is indeed infected and did sleep with the people in question? Did his camp, lawyers, and advisers not advise him of the consequences of being tight-lipped about this? Why is he seemingly chill, especially since his insurance company doesn’t want to have his back?

Again, we know nothing concrete as of yet, and this may drag on for weeks. Fans could somehow try to pressure Usher to speak. In the meantime, we could try to learn more about herpes. We can also stop with the fat-shaming nonsense and take this whole scandal as an object lesson to better protect ourselves when engaging in sexual activity. And Usher, if he really wants to salvage the ruins of his crumbling image, can open up, either prove that he’s clean or come clean if he’s infected, meet with the accusers, work something out and help bring awareness to this and other STDs.

If not, then this may be the beginning of the end of another black legend.