And just like that, it is said that Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead. As usual, there have been the different tweets, Facebook posts, and responses to this situation. Me personally, I see it as another person that died earlier than expected. From what is known, PSH was only 46. When a person dies (especially 50 and under), it is always a cause for either concern or sadness.

One of the bigger issues that concern me is the needle that has been said to be found in his arm. This signals that there is a drug use/addiction issue.

The problem with this type of situation is that people are quick to dismiss it. As soon as they see “drug use”, they may say things like “Oh, well” or “This is what he deserves”. You see, as Americans, we tend to have quite the dismissive attitude toward those that have addictions to controlled/uncontrolled substances. Many of us tend to have no sorrow for the user under any circumstance. At the end of the day, it is the user’s fault right?

This is true: it IS his fault.

But to act as if one shouldn’t be troubled about a man’s well-being within addiction is inhumane. Then again, many Americans are known for the inhumane and callous for the sake of their egos and ideals.

So, to hell with what all of you “holier-than-thou” asshats think.

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Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Phillip Seymour Hoffman

There are some things that we need to have an understanding about when it comes to drug use:

1.) On average, drug use is pretty high in the entertainment industry: many have suspected this and I have given it further confirmation. From a study done in the early-mid 2000’s, the entertainment industry was 3rd in illicit drug use amongst its workforce of 18-64 [1]. This should be alarming on its own. However, the industry is 2nd when it comes to heavy drinking [2]. So, are we going to actually show some cause of concern?

2.) There is a lot to be said about the addictive personality: some of us are more susceptible to addictions than others. Otherwise, we would have a lot more people looking like Pookie from New Jack City or Gator from Jungle Fever. So, there needs some understanding as to why there is such strong addictions associated with certain personality types and functions (compulsive behavior, family history, lack of self-control) [3].

3.) Never toss out the humanity of any addict: humanity is something for the flawed in action. No one gets it right all the time. So, people thinking that someone is “less than” because they have hit a road block or hurdle on their road of existence is rude, crude, and mentally screwed. Humanity over everything for all of you idealistic asses.

4.) We need to understand what is going on with people: Philip Seymour Hoffman had his reasons for doing drugs (qualified and/or unqualified). Yet, too many times people never work to understand WHY so many people feel compelled to go to drugs. The reasons behind the addiction, and behind the initial use, have to be understood. Otherwise, how are we to help anybody make it nowadays?

5.) At the end of the day, drug use claimed another life: I don’t care if it is an actor or someone that lives on your street. Drug use just helped cause another death. Instead of ignoring the situation, we all can use this to learn something about death and drug use. We can also use it as a tool to prevent lives being lost. All bad situations need to be moment of either learning or motivation in the right direction.

‘Nuff Said and ‘Nuff Respect!!!