So another holiday season is upon us, and another year is almost over. Of course you know what that means, right? Yup, you guessed it; it’s time for yet another display of niggerdom. That’s right folks, it’s the annual Air Jordan Stampede. Not as popular as the running of the bulls in Pamplon, Spain. However, I suppose in a few years it will become a tourist attraction. In case you missed it, perennial lover of athletics and all things ghetto, Nike, has released yet another limited edition of the classic Nike Air Jordan. Apparently they’re known to feed a family of four, hence the stampede in this shitty economy. I could only hope that my cousins n’em would be this enthusiastic about voting in 2012; and are willing to bumrush polling stations as if they were giving away free pairs of the highly coveted almost $200 shoe once worn by Michael Jordan who ain’t dunked in fifty-eleven years.

Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Mo' Money, Son!

I don’t know about you, but this is pure foolishness, and yet another example of why we stay losing as a people. I mean, Nike makes an estimated $1 billion each year from the sales of their Air Jordan line, and the hood makes what? Not a damn!! Now of course some of you might think I’m a bit too harsh with my critique of the behavior of my cousins. Yes, and I know you probably think that what I’m doing is helping “the man” make Black folks look bad and all. But, lemme tell you: I ain’t stupid – I know the footage in the following clip were pulled from the 1992 Los Angeles riots sparked by the Rodney King verdict. Yup, the truth is, the media is hiding the footage of white folks losing their rwbbit-assed minds in attempt to buy those Nike Air Jordan Concordes. Yup, you know how those un-colored folks be doing, right? Yeah, I know, it’s embarassing seeing white folks act this way. Must be all those single moms…

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RiPPa is the creator, publisher, and editor-in-chief of The Intersection of Madness & Reality. As a writer, he uses his sense of humor, sarcasm, and sardonic negro wit to convey his opinion. Being the habitual line-stepper and fire-breathing liberal-progressive, whether others agree with him, isn’t his concern. He loves fried chicken, watermelon, and President Barack Obama. Yes, he's Black; yes, he's proud; and yes, he says it loud. As such, he's often misunderstood.
  • How is this different from the stampedes we see on Black Friday?

  • T. Payne

    This is disgusting. So ashamed.

  • Watching some of the interviews on the news disappointed the hell out of me… Esp. when this man from Seattle said (with a straight face): “I bought THREE pairs. I’ll probably wear one now, and put the other two pairs away for the future.” o_o

  • Unreal!

  • Ivan Ivanovich Renko

    White privilege rears its head amongst our folks.  

    A bunch of white people going apeshit over bargains– just individual white people, and other white folks don’t give a rat’s ass.

    A bunch of black people go apeshit over a limited edition collector’s item– and somehow it reflects on all Negroes.  I didn’t even watch the clip (Fox news? puh-lease) but I know without watching that’s the takeaway- those Negroes, who probably don’t have a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of, “acting like animals for some basketball shoes.”

    There are more dogwhistles in this story than in the ASPCA warehouse.  

    For myself I could give a shit about those shoes (or any others- terminally fashion-challenged, here), but if, say, there were Samsung Galaxy Tabs on sale on the dirt cheap somewhere near me, I’d be all over that shit, pepper spray tucked up my sleeve and elbows a-flyin’.  And I’d be elbowin’ white people left and right, ’cause they’d be there too, elbowin’ back.  

    I know, I know, I’m ramblin’.  Still, I know you all get the idea– any “perceived” “foolishness” on the part of ANY black people is always held up as an example of our lack of civilization, intelligence, & c., &c.  Fuck that.

    We’ll know we’ve gotten somewhere when a black person can be as stupid and crazy as your average white guy and not even we see it as a reflection on ALL black people.

  • Anonymous

    While I do agree about the aspects of privilege in comparing the ignorance of white crowds and Black crowds, particularly in that Black crowds seem to reflect that entire group and whites individual people, I will say that since it is and has been this way — we have to be cognizant that this behavior (1) is not acceptable – by anyone – and that (2) since it does resonate stronger when we engage in it, we cannot do so without consequence. I am not saying this is right. I am not saying those Fox News clips weren’t bullshit. I’m not saying that white people aren’t laughing their way to the bank while some Black shoppers across the nation went crazy over re-released sneakers (not even new sneakers?)… I’m saying that it is what it is. We have to get hip to the fact that we have greater things affecting us and while I know that we can’t affect someone else’s actions/reactions to us, we can absolutely decide for ourselves if it’s worth it. I’m not ashamed at all of the shoppers that went out and participated in that bullshit on a personal level; I know no one personally who did that. 
    Still, of all the things the collective “we” could be going out and destroying major buildings over, I’d prefer that Jordans (again, RERELEASED…lol) not be it. 

  • Co-sign 100%…

  • CrazyEddie

    Right – Whittle the words into pretzels until it comes up with something you like. It was Black folk end of story. Just like at the Mall of the Americas riot yesterday they thought little wayne was gonna show up and thug em out.

    Do you remember those Apple store opening riots? The White and Asian folk waited for days on line and then went you remember? No? Nuff siad.

  • Ivan Ivanovich Renko

    And re-co-sign.  It IS frustrating as hell, though. 

  • I understand, brother. For me, it’s frustrating when people try to defend this foolishness.

  • Great write up Rippa.

    Let’s not bring White people into this convo. Like the reporter said, he saw, as did I, mostly minorities in line. Also, when Whites camp outside for more important things like electronics, though I disagree with that too, it isn’t comparable to Blacks killing each over a mere pair of shoes.Shoes, folks!

    Imagine if Blacks camped outside to vote. Have you seen Black male voter turnout rates in the last 25 or so years? Check that out, return, and defend this madness.

    I was blown away (not really) when I saw Blacks fighting outside my former local mall in a zip code with a very low income.

  • I give up Lord!!