As far as African American children are concerned, most public school curriculums are culturally biased. I’m not sure if this presents a problem, or contributes to the education gap. However, be that as it may, I can understand doing something in an attempt to reach African American kids. You know, something a little more inclusive, and less culturally biased?

Third graders in in Gwinnett County, Ga., were given math homework Wednesday that asked questions about slavery and beatings.

Christopher Braxton told ABC News affiliate WSB-TV in Atlanta that he couldn’t believe the assignment his 8-year-old son brought home from of Beaver Ridge Elementary school in Norcross.

“It kind of blew me away,” Braxton said. “Do you see what I see? Do you really see what I see? He’s not answering this question.”

The question read, “Each tree had 56 oranges. If eight slaves pick them equally, then how much would each slave pick?”

Another math problem read, “If Frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings did he get in one week?”

Another question asked how many baskets of cotton Frederick filled.

“I was furious at that point,” Braxton said.

“This outrages me because it just lets me know that there’s still racists,” said Stephanie Jones, whose child is a student at the school.

“Something like that shouldn’t be imbedded into a kid of the third, fourth, fifth, any grade,” parent Terrance Barnett told WSB-TV. “I’m having to explain to my 8-year-old why slavery or slaves or beatings are in a math problem. That hurts.”

“In this one, the teachers were trying to do a cross-curricular activity,” Gwinnett County school district spokeswoman Sloan Roach said.

Roach said the teachers were attempting to incorporate social studies into math problems.

“We understand that there are concerns about these questions, and we agree that these questions were not appropriate,” she said. (source)

Umm, yeah – I’m not sure that was the way to go with that one. But then again, I don’t have the results of the “How many Jews can we fit in a oven if…” homework assignment. By chance if you do come across something like that, please let me know, OK?

  • Hecks to the naw.  

  • Holifaerie

    It was a very stupid assignment.  I would file that away in my “good to know” file and get my children out of that school.  However, I have to point out that many blacks lead with the racial bias/slave ancestors whine before they examine their own behavior/choices.  If that is all they want black culture associated with – don’t be shocked when that is all that “educators” can come up with.

    I propose a few solutions below to address this issue instead of more hand wringing and weeping.  

    1) No more pissing and moaning about racial bias if you choose to send your children to government schools or schools where you do not have a direct voice regarding hiring staff, firing staff, curriculum and policies.  Does anyone else think is is mentally deficient to complain about how the government not just supported but enforced slavery, Jim Crow, etc. but then send your children to a government run school?!  (Rhetorical question.)  Newsflash guys – It is the same government!  Extra Credit: Try to avoid social engineering in all forms and take some responsibility for yourself.  Attempt to do without government social services.  (No Virginia, I’m not holding my breath.)

    2)  No more pissing and moaning about how your ancestors were slaves unless you can actually prove a direct ancestor was actually a slave.  Bonus:  As a white person, I get to piss and moan about some of my ancestors actually being slaves too.  Government schools propaganda/textbooks refer to whites who were property of others as “indentured servants” when in actuality they and any children they had were slaves.  Now that is racially biased!  That Orwellian sleight of hand also serves to make black people (or maybe just the dumb ones, IDK) think they are the only slaves/victims in the history of the world.  Discussion questions:  Was the practice of slavery common on the African continent between tribes?  (Answer:  Yes)  Who sold African slaves to slave traders?  (Answer: other Africans)    

    Extra Credit:
    If the educators in your geographic area are that dense, why are you trusting them with your children at all?  Could it be that the “school” is used primarily as a day care center and centralized place to access social services and welfare?  *ducks to avoid a rotten tomato*

    Just um, “keeping it real”…

  • Deb

    1) No need to duck, Holifaerie, you were man enough to write this mess, stand up like a man and reap what you’ve sown. Normally I keep it movin’ when I encounter such stellar ignorance as yours, but your “solutions” are so damned incompetent and dripping with the privilege of White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy that I just had to ask – Who in the hell educated you and those so-called “educators,” passing this racist drivel on to our CHILDREN (rhetorical question)?? So Willie Lynch of y’all (real or not, the meme prevails, as evidenced by this stupidity you’re trying to pass off as reasoned, critical thinking)!

    Did no one school you about that whole Emancipation Proclamation thing (a pure military offensive for sure, but what the hell – y’all slipped, tripped and fell and WE took advantage of it); the 14th and 15th amendments; and all the other token, glad-handing, face-saving maneuvers that have now back-fired on your racist selves, making government-funded services (like PUBLIC SCHOOLS) the purview of ALL citizens of this country??

    Yeah I know, you who subscribe to – “On Being White And Other Lies” (James Baldwin, look him up – you might learn something) – were never going to, (nor ever will, IMO) do the right thing by Black folk (No Virginia, I’m not holding my breath). But we’re still here. Hell, were it not for our resolve and mental efficiency – white folk in this country like you – would not be.

    Extra Credit:  Fear is a mighty strong motivator.  So much so that heathens like you and those so-called educators, need to KEEP trying to manipulate the minds of Black folk lest they rise up in solidarity and put a few feet on YOUR necks for about 400 hundred years!

    2) I don’t piss and moan – I call it like I see it (though I CAN, however, actually prove a direct ancestor was actually a slave).  Bonus:  As long as you, and other so-called “white” people like you, continue to piss and moan while trying to hold onto the incredible nothingness of whiteness – you REMAIN slaves, to a hatred that will eventually consume you (you seem to be already on your way).  I refuse to get into a “my pain is worse than your pain” pissing match.  The truth of it all is there for all who seek to open their hearts to learn and accept it.

    And yes, the practice of slavery on the African continent between tribes did exist – as a result of WAR (kinda like Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, Bagram and extraordinary rendition particularly) – which doesn’t excuse, but clarifies the point that You and yours are no better.  And yes, other Africans sold slaves to slave traders – as prisoners of war – again, not to excuse, but clarify.  But who provided the seemingly, never-ending MARKET for those sales (can’t have supply without demand)?  The way you worded your question speaks to your brazen knowledge of the depravity of YOUR ancestors.  You had no problem identifying them as “SLAVE TRADERS.”  No ambiguity there at all.  However, can you explain the very, “uncivilized” nature of the suppose-to-be “civilized” for me?  What made YOUR ancestors pack Africans like sardines, chained hand and foot in those ships like animals and tossing bodies overboard as spoiled cargo?  What made YOUR ancestors try to erase every semblance of dignity, self-determination and humanness through 100s of years of brutality in the service of your blatant greed and laziness (Yeah I said it!  I’m a daughter of a field Negro and there weren’t any damned white folk out there growing or picking shit!)?  What made YOUR ancestors (to this day) perpetuate the same, low-down, brutality in word and deed not only upon Blacks, but all the other “Others” – some of whom were American citizens (Japanese internment camps immediately come to mind) – from whom you’ve STOLEN unapologetically and without conscience, having no regard for lives lost or families destroyed – in order to fill your unearned coffers?  It certainly wasn’t war.  Your claims are hilarious at best and woefully uninformed at worst.

    Rippa, sorry for the rant, but the comment was pure f*ckery – indeed.

  • Gstuedler

    …I love these white power rangers that hide behind their computer screen and spew their bile. They’re both sad and pathetic at the same time…and come from the same mindset that designed the tests in question.

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  • Anonymous

    Hmmmm this reminds me of the Condi Watermelon math question. Smoking Gun did a piece on it.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. What’s really sad about shyt like this is how so many white teachers in minority areas tend have ignorant mindsets like this idiot.