Patrick Lynch

Rudy Giuliani and Pat Lynch: New York’s Finest Covones

By Mike Caccioppoli

How predictable that right wingers would use the tragedy of the assassination of two police officers to go after police brutality protesters and those who use their First Amendment rights to free speech. This is not a surprise ladies and gentlemen because right wingers hate the First Amendment, hate freedom of the press, always have, always will. So they use any opportunity to attack those rights. The worst of the offenders so far are Rudy (Nosferatu) Giuliani and Pat (slicked back goombah hair) Lynch, the President of the PBA. Giuliani blames Obama (and those who spoke out about the murders committed by police in Missouri and New York) and Lynch blames NYC mayor Bill de Blasio. There are other right wingers who throw in Al Sharpton as well.

History has taught us that fascists will always blame the populace and those that speak out against atrocities. This happened during the Vietnam War when the relatives of Giuliani and Lynch blamed the war protesters for helping the enemy when we know that in fact they forced the government to pull out faster. The same relatives blamed the civil rights movement and people like MLK for the violence during the 50’s and 60’s and yet we know without those people blacks would still be drinking out of separate fountains and getting killed by police (oh wait, that hasn’t changed much.)

These folks were on the wrong side of history then and they will be on the wrong side of it now. It’s that simple. They are losers, period. Yet there they are spewing hatred and inciting more violence while blaming others for doing that exact thing. There is one person to blame for the death of the two NYC officers…the shooter. That is it. Now justice was immediately served when the gunman killed himself, something neither killer did after Michael Brown and Eric Garner were murdered. If the crazed gunman who killed the two cops had not killed himself another officer would have or he would have been arrested and would be in jail.

So, when these morons ask why people aren’t “up in arms” about the killings of these two officers, they are full of shit. Except for the constant violence we are all subject to in this country, including little children thanks to the right wingers best friend, the second amendment, there is nothing to be “up in arms” about. Justice was served, and quickly.

What is truly dumb and disgusting is the fact that people like Giuliani and Lynch can’t seem to get it through their white ethnic heads that you can be against both police brutality AND the killing of police. Imagine that! I know there will always be a pro police bias because most of us have more relatives/friends who are cops rather than criminals, but how about just shutting the fuck up and thinking for a minute instead of reacting with misguided rage and making even more people angry.

What happened in Ferguson was a tragedy, what happened on Staten Island was a tragedy and what happened in Brooklyn was a tragedy. I’m very afraid that this cycle will only get worse and I have proof. Pat Lynch, a man beyond contempt, who looks like he belongs in an HBO series rather than as the head of a police union, just said that cops are now to act as though they are a “wartime” police department. For this he should be arrested for inciting violence. First of all who the fuck does he think he is? The bosses of that police department are the mayor, the police commissioner, and the citizens of New York City. The same citizens he has now declared “war” on. I have been saying all along that certain people in law enforcement want a war. Here is the direct call for that.

But I care about the families of these officers and I care about the officers. So I hope the people who actually put their lives on the line everyday ignore shithead Lynch. As having his kind of mentality is very dangerous in this day and age when thanks to the NRA so many nut jobs have guns. A “war” isn’t very smart, and Lynch has just put the lives of the very officers he is supposed to protect in jeopardy. The union should at least vote to fire him.

Patrick Lynch, head of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, speaks during a news conference after the bodies of two fallen NYPD police officers were transported from Woodhull Medical Center, Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014, in New York. An armed man walked up to two New York Police Department officers sitting inside a patrol car and opened fire Saturday afternoon, killing both officers before running into a nearby subway station and committing suicide, police said. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Patrick Lynch, head of the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association, speaks during a news conference after the bodies of two fallen NYPD police officers were transported from Woodhull Medical Center, Saturday, Dec. 20, 2014, in New York. An armed man walked up to two New York Police Department officers sitting inside a patrol car and opened fire Saturday afternoon, killing both officers before running into a nearby subway station and committing suicide, police said. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Those officers that turned their backs on Mayor de Blasio are no better than Pat Lynch. They should have turned their backs on the officers that killed innocent people in Missouri and Staten Island. Instead they backed them up and even incited people by wearing “WE CAN BREATHE” T-Shirts. Do they think that maybe this kind of bullshit helped to fan the flames? Any cop that was seen wearing those shirts should have been fired. Also any cop that turned their backs on their BOSS should be fired. You and I would have been canned immediately if we did that at work.

They just don’t get it. The double standards are mind blowing. From the justice system to the way cops are allowed to act on a daily basis. From the small offenses like parking at a bus stop to get lunch, or turning on their sirens to head to the donut shop to the bigger ones such as inciting violence or committing crimes. Justice in these situations is rarely served.

Two cops were killed. Two people who were just out serving and protecting. Heck they may have even hated Darren Wilson and thought that Eric Garner was brutally murdered. All these right wing slimeballs can do is spew bile about the very people who are against any kind of violence.

They were just waiting for their opening, you could sense it. The fact they have used this tragedy for those purposes makes me wish for the worst for the lot of them.


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