Movements Require People Power Not So Much Star Power



The dance down the rabbit hole commences with the expected lamentations about the lack of response and or actions by those in the entertainment industry.

The dirges always start with why isn’t so and so saying/doing anything? Which is crazy – why would they call their publicist to let you know what stand they take on an issue(if they have one in the first place). So many assumptions so little time. The delusional belief that movementsbecome validated by the level of interaction/participation by stars is exactly that.

One would think after the Bojangles routine that Charles Barkley put on recently during interviews with CNN folks would stop wishing for celebrities to speak out – the “be careful what you wish for” meme in full effect here.

While it may carry inherent coverage by the media when a celebrity speaks publicly on a social issue with the state of the main stream media today that might not be as much a good thing as it would seem. Doing the work behind the scenes, organizing helping with work on the ground logistics, identifying resources and raising funds – all these things don’t require star power, they require people power.

How many of those calling for Jay Z and Beyonce’ to get involved wit the marches and protests currently going on around this country have themselves been present at one? How many have reached out to the Dream Defenders, or Black Lives Matter to find out what they need and how they can help? How may have reached out to Operation Help or Hush or any of the local groups on the ground in Ferguson to see how they can help them?

Hell how many of you  have a cut a check for any of these groups – but I bet that plastic is working overtime for the holidays. Meanwhile the preoccupation with what the celebrities are doing and why they are not doing this or that continues.

Celebrity or star power is for sure a way to AMPLIFY  a message or issue. The real work that has to get done is by the PEOPLE. The people have to mobilize lend their voices, time and pocketbooks to empower the movements and those directly involved to be effective. No doubt there have been a few public figures who have stepped into the wading pool of social activism/justice and  they are to be commended for their work and efforts. I am willing to bet however there are at least a few who may have done so without the Press Conference to announce their actions.

The time wasted waiting to hear what Denzel has to say or what Oprah is doing is just that time wasted. Movements are powered by PEOPLE.

There is a way for every single person to be involved and you don’t have to wait till celebrities co-sign a movement to get involved.

in some cases – Charles Barkley, Don Lemon, Ben Carson, it would be better if they didn’t(get involved or speak).

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